Apple Pie Oatmeal

Apple Pie Oatmeal

You only need 5 minutes to prepare this easy recipe for microwave Apple Pie Protein Oatmeal. Ingredients 1/2 cup rolled oats (I used Bob's Red Mill 5 Grain Rolled Hot Cereal) water 1 chopped apple (le ...[Read More]

Planks Routine

Here is a real time PLANK workout. Do it with me! I made 2 video versions: Version 1 = 15-minute Full-length video with exercise demos/explanations. I suggest you do this the first time. Version 2 = 9 ...[Read More]

Splits Routine

This is my 85 minute real-time splits routine. I suggest you do this routine once a week in full. There is a method to my madness: the sequence matters. If you want to improve your hip mobility and ov ...[Read More]

Coupon Codes

Til You Collapse Apparel: The fitness apparel I wear online is by Til You Collapse. You can use code SARA for 10% off. It fits true to size. I'm 5'6", 135 lbs, 34C, and wear size small. 60 lb StrongFi ...[Read More]

Globo Gym Programming for Splits

Globo Gym Programming for Splits

GLOBO GYM TRAINING If you are training at the Globo Gym, you can still work on your S-pyramid. This is how I recommend you approach your sessions: Always start with the "Main Arch". I prioritize this ...[Read More]

Nasal Breathing

Nasal Breathing

NASAL BREATHING  Concentric & Eccentric: CONCENTRIC: I nasal exhale on the concentric of an exercise. -concentric: when the muscle shortens. This happens when you move against gravity. -e.g. Squat ...[Read More]

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Sandbag Carry Workouts

Sandbag Carry: how to lap and carry the sandbag bear hug variations: forward, backward, laterally treadmill version front rack carry nasal breathing: inhale through your nose, exhale through your nose ...[Read More]

Week 4 Plyometrics

Warm-Up: 20 air squats 30 jump jacks Workout: 7:50 min, 30s W  15s R, 2 rounds of 5 exercises Equipment: jump rope JR: Alternate-Foot Step Star Jumps JR: Skier’s Jump Burpees JR: Double Unders

Week 3 Plyometrics

Warm Up: 20 air squats 30 jump jacks Workout: 8:40 min, 30s W 20s R, 2 rounds of 5 exercises Equipment: Jump Rope JR: Alternate-Foot Step Jumping Mountain Climbers JR: Bell Jump Squat Jumps JR: Twiste ...[Read More]

Week 2 Plyometrics

Warm Up: 20 air squats 30 jump jacks Workout: 9:30min: 30s W 25s R, 2 rounds of 5 exercises Equipment: Jump Rope, Soft Sided Medicine Ball (or dumbbell) JR: Bounce Step Wall Balls (or DB thruster) … w ...[Read More]