What Is Nauli Kriya?

It's a breathing exercise, also known as abdominal churning and alien yoga.

Nauli Kriya involves sucking up the contents of your abdomen and then massaging them by churning your abdominal muscles, all whilst holding your breath out.

It's actually a cleansing technique: you use your abdominal muscles to give your internal organs a massage!

Nauli Kriya is incredible to watch! Watch the video!

Who Is This For?

This is for people who want to

  • Improve Digestion (it will help keep you regular).
  • Feel Energized, Ethereal & Confident (Nauli activates the solar plexus chakra).
  • Improve Core Connection, Control and Strength
  • Shrink their Waistline
  • Improve Patience. It's not an easy skill to learn and will require practice and patience.

Who Is This Not For?

Do NOT practice Nauli if any of the following apply to you:

  • If you have food in your stomach (do it on an empty stomach in the morning or 5-6 hours after eating).
  • You are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and up to 6 week postpartum
  • During your menstrual cycle
  • You are constipated or have diarrhea
  • You suffer from heartburn or a serious digestive disorder
  • You have hernias
  • You suffer from heart problems (it will raise your heart rate)
  • Your doctor says no
  • If you are not willing to commit to 5-10 minutes each morning (whilst fasted) to practice.
  • If you are not willing to play the long game: it's not an easy skill to learn and will require commitment, a positive mindset, patience and practice.

Why Bother Learning Nauli Kriya? What Problems Does it Solve?

  • If you have been struggling with constipation and want to improve digestion and bowel movements WITHOUT the use of any medication, diets or unpleasant enemas.
  • If you have a thick waist or a lower belly pooch that won’t go away (common after pregnancy), and you want to shrink your waistline WITHOUT having to undergo a tummy tuck or endure extreme dieting or excessive cardio.
  • If you don’t feel connected to your core, and you want to have the ability to control, isolate and strengthen your entire core. This will improve back pain and it will improve core strength and mobility.
  • If you are competing in bodybuilding competitions and need to be able to do stomach vacuum or Nauli Kriya on stage.
  • If you are a dancer, and you want your body waves to flow like seaweed in water.
  • If you have been unsuccessful in your attempts to learn Nauli Kriya in the past.

"On my quest to learn Nauli Kriya, I quickly discovered there are no step-by-step training programs that teach you how to approach learning it. There are lots of visual demonstrations, but no one explains how to approach learning this challenging skill. That’s what makes my program unique: you will learn how to find the feelings in your core in simpler movement patterns first (I show you the exact baby steps I used to figure it out!). Following my logical progressions makes it so much easier to learn this skill in a timely manner without getting frustrated. In fact, many of my clients have been able to learn Nauli Kriya in 3 to 4 weeks. Trying to figure this out on your own can take months and years."

- Dr. Sara Solomon

Program Structure

In this program, you will learn exactly how I figured out how to do Stomach Vacuum, Middle Nauli, Left and Right Nauli, and Nauli Kriya. Both video and written explanations are provided, along with an easy-to-follow training plan.

PART 1: Didactic Component: Watch & Learn

Give yourself about 30 minutes to watch a series of quick video tutorials that explain everything you need to know about:

  • Core Breathing and TVA Cinching
  • Pelvic Floor & Throat Locks
  • Stomach Vacuum
  • The Role of External Oblique Activation
  • Finding the "Rectus Loaf"
  • Middle Nauli
  • Left and Right Nauli
  • Nauli Kriya

PART 2: Practical Component: Do It!

It's action-taking time! Practice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Just follow the training plan sequence provided. Exercise demonstration videos are provided (each video is under 60s in duration).

The first time you try a new training plan sequence, give yourself about 30 minutes to watch the videos and familiarize yourself with the exercises. Then you will be able to do it in 5-10 minutes each morning, going forward. There are 5 training sequences in total:

  • SEQUENCE 1: Stomach Vacuum
  • SEQUENCE 2: Middle Nauli
  • SEQUENCE 3: Left & Right Nauli
  • SEQUENCE 4: Middle Nauli, Left & Right Nauli, Nauli Kriya
  • SEQUENCE 5: Maintenance


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What equipment do I need to get started?


How many workouts a week?

Do your Nauli Practice first thing in the morning while fasted. During the learning process, give yourself extra time. But eventually you will only need 2-5 minutes each morning. Work on it indefinitely unless you are menstruating or have an above mentioned contraindication.

Is this for both men and women?


How do I access it once I Purchase it? I can't log in, HELP!

You have immediate access upon purchase. Please log into the website with your login credentials (username and password). This will bring you to the dashboard where you will see the Nauli Kriya Program. Click to access the program content. If you have any issues logging in, please email login@drsarasolomon.com.

About Me

I am a firm believer in the old saying “live as you preach”, which is why I’ve spent the last 20+ years being committed to leading a healthy lifestyle while working toward personal self-improvement. I approach every client and program journey from both an individual and scientific health perspective rooted in an extensive academic, professional, and athletic background.

I am deeply invested to help others achieve the best version of themselves.

After receiving my first personal training certificate in 1999, I graduated from McGill University with first a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (2001) and then DMD from their faculty of Dentistry (2005); after which I spent 10 years practicing dentistry in Toronto, before finally finding my way back to my fitness passion full time.

I believe in excellence through growth, which is why I’ve continued adding to my original B.Sc in Physical Therapy degree with a range of advanced fitness certifications.

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Professional Credentials

  • B.Sc in Physical Therapy (McGill University)
  • DMD (McGill Faculty of Dentistry)
  • Certified Strongfit Coach
  • Pilates Mat Level 1 Instructor
  • Crossfit L1 Trainer (2016-2021)
  • Buddy Lee Jump Ropes Level 2 Instructor
  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor
  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • WBFF Pro Fitness Model

All types of progress and evolution depend on a willingness to learn, which is why I love experimenting on myself with new exercises and training styles.

Overcoming my own physical limitations with back pain, upper trap dominance, hamstring tendinopathy, knee pain, and jumping incontinence has helped me learn so much––not only about human movement but also about developing a strong mindset.

From my own journey over the past five years, I know it takes a combination of several intertwined, non-negotiable components to overcome what holds you back. Building a truly strong and lasting foundation takes time, commitment, patience, hard work, and an ongoing mental commitment to rewiring counter-productive thinking patterns.

The philosophy that drives me is that one transformed person can transform a thousand more. Prioritizing your own well-being isn’t selfish––it’s the most important journey you will ever embark on because it holds the potential to inspire and positively affect the lives of others in ways you can’t imagine. I’ll guide your way now, so you can be a badass leader for someone else.