In 2008, Sara launched her company, Inc., an online fitness empire born from her own personal journey towards health and wellness.  Sara’s passion is detecting and fixing muscle deficiencies and imbalances and teaching the members of her Splits Program, 30-Day Igniter Home Workout Program, and Strength Academy correct movement mechanics so they can enjoy life and fitness pain-free. Sara also teaches people how to bounce back from restrictive diets with sustainable solutions. She created the Fat Loss FAST™ system in 2013, a guide to intermittent fasting, flexible dieting and reverse dieting, which has sold over 10 thousand copies to date. 

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Sara received her initial personal training certification in 1999, and shortly thereafter, she earned her B.Sc. in Physical Therapy from McGill University in 2001. Four years later, Sara received her DMD from the faculty of Dentistry at McGill University in 2005. She practiced dentistry in Toronto for 10 years before returning to her first passion, fitness.
Sara is a certified StrongFit Coach, a Pilates Mat Level 1 Instructor, a BSN and Til You Collapse sponsored athlete, a CrossFit L1 trainer (2016-2021), a Buddy Lee Jump Ropes Ambassador, a NASM fitness nutrition specialist, a Mad Dogg SPINNING Instructor, an ACE personal trainer, and a retired WBFF PRO fitness model.

Sara's fitness passions include jump rope training, bodyweight training, pilates, bodybuilding, sandbag training, pole dancing, and gymnastics.

Sara is also a cat lover! She have 2 hilarious siamese cats named Bean and Coco.

Be sure to follow Sara on social media for her “cheat clean” recipes, her home strength-training workouts, her hilarious cats, and for tips on intermittent fasting, reverse dieting and proper movement mechanics!

"If I knew then what I know now, I never would have dieted or exercised to create a calorie deficit. Today, I fuel and train to perform well in life. My passion is teaching others how to fuel and move well." ~Sara Solomon


"I used to diet and exercise to shrink myself. To be less. Now I fuel and train to be strong. To be more. It used to be about what my body looked like. Now it's about what my body can do. I've never felt stronger or more confident, and I just happen to look and feel better too". ~Sara Solomon