About Sara

My name is Dr. Sara Solomon. I was born in 1978 and I live in Toronto, Canada. I know what it's like to feel broken beyond repair and to feel like there's no point in even trying anymore.

In 2016, despite working as a professional fitness model, I held a deeply guarded secret: I struggled with the most basic exercises. Although I had be training for 2 decades, I couldn't even do a single pull-up! Even walking the stairs had me cringing with excruciating knee pain.

I felt it was unfair that I had to keep a restrictive and disciplined lifestyle to maintain the "fitness model look", yet was unable to improve my functional ability. I doubted I'd ever be able to master certain athletic skills ... or even finish a single workout without painkillers.

In 2016, I decided I was going to re-write my story. Click on the photos in this carousel to see the outcome of this decision.

I am a firm believer in the old saying “live as you preach”, which is why I’ve spent the last 20+ years being committed to leading a healthy lifestyle while working toward personal self-improvement. I approach every client and program journey from both an individual and scientific health perspective rooted in an extensive academic, professional, and athletic background.

I am deeply invested to help others achieve the best version of themselves.

After receiving my first personal training certificate in 1999, I graduated from McGill University with first a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (2001) and then a DMD from their faculty of Dentistry (2005); after which I spent 10 years practicing dentistry in Toronto, before finally finding my way back to my fitness passion full time.

I believe in excellence through growth, which is why I’ve continued adding to my original B.Sc in Physical Therapy degree with a range of advanced fitness certifications.

Professional Credentials

  • B.Sc in Physical Therapy (McGill University)
  • DMD (McGill Faculty of Dentistry)
  • Certified Strongfit Coach
  • Pilates Mat Level 1 Instructor
  • Crossfit L1 Trainer (2016-2021)
  • Buddy Lee Jump Ropes Level 2 Instructor
  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor
  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • WBFF Pro Fitness Model


All types of progress and evolution depend on a willingness to learn, which is why I love experimenting on myself with new exercises and training styles.

Overcoming my own physical limitations with back pain, upper trap dominance, scapular dyskinesia, thoracic outlet syndrome, hamstring tendinopathy, knee pain (patellar tendinitis), anterior pelvic tilt, pigeon toes, pronated feet, and jumping incontinence has helped me learn so much––not only about human movement but also about developing a strong mindset.

From my own journey since 2016, I know it takes a combination of several intertwined, non-negotiable components to overcome what holds you back. Building a truly strong and lasting foundation takes time, commitment, patience, hard work, and an ongoing mental commitment to rewiring counter-productive thinking patterns.

The philosophy that drives me is that one transformed person can transform a thousand more. Prioritizing your own well-being isn’t selfish––it’s the most important journey you will ever embark on because it holds the potential to inspire and positively affect the lives of others in ways you can’t imagine. I’ll guide your way now, so you can be a badass leader for someone else.