Customer Login Support

LOGIN SUPPORT ONLY! Please use the "contact us" form for all other inquiries.

If you cannot log in, or you are directed to the sales page to re-purchase, or you cannot play videos or you cannot see certain elements of the product you purchased, then do this:

DELETE YOUR INTERNET BROWSER'S CACHE, COOKIES and HISTORY. This solves the problem 99% of the time.

If you still cannot access the program, then use the form below to email login support team (include your username).  We will contact you via email and refresh your profile within 24 hours.

Note: If you contact Sara on social media or you comment in her facebook groups that you cannot log in, there is a very strong chance your request will not be seen. It is NOT possible to help you without your username and purchase email. To ensure you get helped, please fill out the login support form.

What causes you to get locked out?

If you log in using multiple devices or browsers at the same time

If you log into one device/browser before logging out of another

if you enter your username/password incorrectly 5 times.

Why does this happen?

It does this to prevent any possible hacking attempts. This is important!

To cancel your Strength Academy Membership, please click here. 

You can also visit the FAQs section to get instant answers to common questions.