Customer Login Support


If you cannot log in, or you are directed to the sales page to re-purchase, or you cannot play videos or you cannot see certain elements of the product you purchased, then try this: DELETE YOUR INTERNET BROWSER'S CACHE, COOKIES and HISTORY, and log in. This solves the problem 99% of the time.

If you still cannot access the program, then use the form below to email login support team (include your username and email). Please provide details of what happens when you try to log in.

To cancel your Strength Academy Membership, please click here. 

Note that if you cancel, you will no longer have access to the online academy on the website, and you will be removed from the facebook group. ONLY YOU CAN CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP by clicking the link provided or log in at and click on subscriptions in the dashboard and cancel. If you have issues cancelling it, please contact login support for assistance, and provide a screen capture or explanation of what happens when you try to cancel. Please note, as per the terms of service, that there are no refunds for forgetting or failing to cancel your membership, or for failing to read the instructions provided to you via email on how to cancel it prior to your renewal date. If you are unsure if your membership was cancelled, please email login support prior to your renewal date for confirmation.