The Butt-Finder Exercise!

The Butt-Finder Exercise!


This is the best exercise I have tried for getting the glutes to fire.

I incorporate it into to my warm-up to ensure my glutes are firing for my training sessions.

If you sit all the time, I suggest you do it a few times a week. Sitting can weaken the glutes and make it hard for them to fire properly.

It’s also useful if you have plantar fasciitis.

I’ve been doing it daily for the past 2 months, and I noticed dramatic improvements in the stability of my warrior 3 pose and my standing split. I use to lose my balance all the time in these poses… and now this has become rare.

It takes me about 10-15 taps to really feel the burn in my glute max. So when you do them, hunt for the BURN! Then immediately try the variation with the kettlebell: you will feel a lot of heat in your glute max!

So give this exercise a whirl and let me know if you find your glutes!



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