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Meet Dr. Sara Solomon

Hello! I’m Sara and I’ve been in the exact spot in which you might find yourself now. I know the struggle of dealing with chronic pain that makes you wonder if there’s any hope for relief. Back in 2016, despite my role as a well-known professional fitness model, I had a hidden battle: even basic exercises were a challenge due to persistent back, knee and shoulder pain. My visibly crooked body was completely broken down and I was only 38 years old.

But here’s the turning point – I made a conscious choice to rewrite my story, and I want to help you do the same.

With a BSc in Physical Therapy from McGill University and certifications as a StrongFit Movement Specialist and Pilates instructor, I bring a wealth of knowledge. However, it was my personal mission to overcome pain, stiffness and injuries, and improve my movement capacity that led to my transformation. Through dedicated effort, I became a pain-free movement badass and have since become a handbalancer and pole dancer in my forties! And this is how my passion for fixing painful muscle imbalances and improving strength and mobility was born.

I’ve personally faced and conquered pain, and now I’m here to guide you through overcoming yours. Let me be your guide on this journey toward a life free from pain, where you can move, live, and thrive without limitations!

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Dr. Sara Solomon

Chronic pain and stiffness make it difficult for me to do what I want to do.

Every day is a battle. Constant pain, stiffness, and muscle compensation patterns keep you from fully enjoying life. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Movement should be a joyful experience, not a burden.

You deserve to live a life where physical constraints don’t hold you back.

It’s time to claim your right to move freely and without pain.



Corrective Movement/Functional Training Online Course
Fix your foundational problems instead of compensating for them.

Outcomes You Can Expect from Consistently
Following the Strength Academy Programming:


I've had low back pain for 8 years. Did 5 months of physiotherapy with little to no improvement. I’ve been doing Sara’s program for less than 2 weeks and I’ve experienced SIGNIFICANT improvement! So basically Sara’s program is cheaper and better than physical therapy!

Kelsey Riggs

My hip and knee pain completely disappeared! Oh, and I ran a mile nasal breathing and needed to pee the whole time but didn’t leak due to vaginal weightlifting! This has been life changing!

Ashley Martin

You have created something really beautiful with the Strength Academy, Sara. The exercise progression & mindset training is perfectly planned, and especially noteworthy is seeing members supporting each other in ways they’ve never had before. It’s beautiful what you have created. What a great way to use your gifts and reach of the internet.


I came to the Strength Academy with a weak core and multiple other imbalances. What I learned from Sara has forever changed my life. I rediscovered my athleticism and have become stronger and more mobile than I was in my 20s! More importantly, I’ve developed an understanding for movement that empowers me to identify and resolve pain and imbalances as they arise.

Tyler Martin

So thankful for you! I have been searching for support and answers for 10 years, but never found anything that got to the root of my pain. I love how you thoroughly explain everything. I’m happy to finally have some answers, know that I can meet my goals at 40 y.o, see results, feel pain relief and tap into newfound energy.

Megan Kahn

When I joined Sara’s Strength Academy, I wasn’t feeling very awesome. The effects of menopause were taking their toll. I was tired, overweight, depressed, had zero motivation. God forbid I sneeze without bracing myself: what pelvic floor strength I had was gone. This mom of 2 was ready to give up. But thanks to the Strength Academy, I weigh less, I’m taller by almost an inch, I’m doing things with my body I couldn’t do as a teenager (pull-ups, splits, Nauli Kriya) and I reversed the havoc menopause raged against me! I feel EPIC!

Kim Merritt

I have reduced my diastasis recti from 2 finger widths to 1 in less than a month. Seriously, I am SO pumped. Thank you for this awesome training

Christy Jordan

I finally found my TVA. The entire thing is like a band around the waist to the back. Pretty pleased with myself

Robert Tengler

Whether you have pain, you want to be insanely strong and/or mobile/flexible...this is hands down the best program. It changed my life. I thought I would live with low back pain forever before I found Sara's program.

Kelsey Riggs

Since the end of week 2, I’ve been able to find my lats. As a result, the nagging pain I’d often feel in my left shoulder, elbow and wrist is disappearing. This is so encouraging!

Monique Imair

I’m laying in bed with my back propped on some pillows and usually I have a noticeable anterior pelvic tilt (APT) that makes my back arch and I need to consciously correct it. Today? NO APT! I’m sitting in my bed and I can feel my core organizing me into the proper position. IT’S ONLY WEEK 1 FOLKS!


It’s been a little over a year since I joined the Strength Academy and I have had amazing strength gains, seen big changes in my physical appearance and tried skills I never thought I could ever do (ahem, handstands). Thank you Sara for the killer program! I can’t wait to see where I’ll be another year from now with consistent, small steps.

Laurel Draper

I did my 1st workout today - the breathing tutorials and stretching routine ... and man... I can feel a difference already! My psoas released! My butt pain has decreased already! Thank you Sara!


I know I keep saying how much I love your program but seriously, I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. I finally feel my TVA engage, and I can fire my lats in so many movements. I’m loving the sandbag work you’ve added to unit 8. I can’t wait to learn more!


Sara, your lat routine is amazing. After only 2 sessions, I am able to fire my lats better than ever before. This already translates to movement like overhead carries. That’s really cool!


Hardly feeling any back pain today and feet are also feeling awesome. Overall: so pleased with progress! Making very small increments but getting them right where it counts so I can feel I’m on the EZ path to success.


Guys... I just sneezed when I really really had to pee, and ... I didn’t pee. Like... not at all.


Ya’ll! I’ve gone from 5'4" to 5'4 + 1/8th”! This is absolutely astounding to me! I’m 50 years old and I don’t think I’ve ever been this “tall”.


I lost 1.5" from my waist and I’m 0.25" taller! OMG! I’m thinking I may be able to pull out the Valeria costume for Halloween again! Week 7: Let’s KILL it!

Kim Merritt

I sneezed and didn’t piddle my pants! I also have not had that urgency feeling since shortly after starting the Strength Academy. So no matter what, that’s worth it for me. I also noticed I am using my TVA more automatically now.


Wow! Sara, you know when we first met how much I struggled with stress incontinence. A sneeze or a laugh... jumping rope was out of the question without running to the bathroom! Now... I can do it all and I never worry about it! When I say that this program is life changing - I mean it! You are incredible!

Kim Merritt

Had my first vaginal orgasm, something I thought my body just wasn't capable of doing. I've seen so much change with my connection to my TVA: I'm able to do things I thought just weren't in the cards for my body.


No more incontinence. I did a jump rope tabata today, which meant I was going to suffer from urinary incontinence. But NO! It did not happen. Also tried jumping jacks and no urinary incontinence! I am beyond happy. I am thrilled!


I can “lift” a 2.2 lb plate with my pelvic floor muscles for 30s.


You are inspirational, Sara! I never knew there is a way to fix my leaks problem when running until you told me to do the vaginal exercises, and it fixed the problem in less than a week! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Your Strength Academy has been one of the most enjoyable things I have ever practiced in my life! I love your guidance. I feel very centered and stronger. I am liking your program so much! More than I thought I would. I like that I’m learning more about my body and mind. Yay for L-sits!

Liz Atris

When I did my workout today, I got the best feeling of control in my TVA. I did interval training after Sara’s training sequence today. WOW! What a difference! My knees didn’t hurt for the first time in forever. I’m starting Unit 2! I’m super happy to have started my journey here. Thank you Sara!

Becky Oler

I really LOVE your content. I was a ballet dancer for years and didn’t understand why I had difficulty with certain things until watching your explainer video on the TVA and relationship to anterior pelvic tilt. Like, whoa... was mindblowing. Wish I would have had this training back then, but it’s definitely helping now after 2 pregnancies. Hands down the best pelvic floor training I’ve ever had.


My week 6 homework: height & waist Well WOO-HOO. I saw improvements in both height and waist measurements! I lost 1" from my waist and grew 1/2" taller!


My lumbar spine has been sore after deadlifting for YEARS! Up until yesterday, I had given up, assuming that I was doing everything correctly and lumbar soreness is just a part of deadlifting. But yesterday I engaged my pelvic floor + TVA, and today: no soreness except in my glutes, hams & lats (typically reserved for my upper traps). I’m very happy and I feel like I’m moving forward!

Tyler Martin

I lost 2” from my waist by waking up my TVA! I made no dietary changes, so the 2” reduction is 100% from this program. In just 7 weeks, my view of my body has totally changed. I’m proud of what my body is doing because of my hard work.

Shaylyn Rypstra

I did the CrossFit L1 trainer course this weekend. The trainers kept complimenting me on my gorgeous squat and shoulder mobility! Little did they know that when I started with Sara, I couldn’t even reach behind my head. Guys! Trust Sara Solomon and the process. This stuff really WORKS!

Sandi Nibarger Bassett

I’m not bored! This is huge! I usually cannot make it past a month doing certain training programs because I become bored. But approaching the Strength Academy’s learning and practical components without a timeline has been totally game changing.

Shaylyn Rypstra

I have a lot less back and neck pain! I normally have to go to the chiro weekly for this. I’ve also found my lats as stabilizers. I was doing bench tricep dips today and used my lats! No more awful pec pain! Got me thinking… maybe there’s a sh*t ton more exercises I should doing this in.

Kelsey Riggs

I tested my scapular stability today and my ROM has more than doubled! I could only move about 3” before. I tried holding a chin-up and I was higher up at the top and was actually activating my lats! Instead of collapsing down, I slowly lowered all the way back down!


Behind this 5s of holding my 1st ever handstand is months of consistent & intentional work on my core & shoulders. From not being able to lock out my arms overhead … I’m doing effing handstands! Big thanks to Sara Solomon for being the guiding light throughout my self exploration. For leading by example and showing me that every little victory matters, no matter how small. Oh, and thank you for teaching me how to take control of my shoulder blades!


Everybody has a “why”. My goal is to become a strong Mother F*cker. I saw Sara online doing exactly that. I watched her for a long time and she confirmed what I already knew, what it takes to re-make oneself. Spoiler! It’s very simple: a willingness to be consistently vulnerable. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn the foundational skills like she did. This program is a lot like a mirror. It shows the truth of now. It’s focused on core super-strength because that’s the foundation on which everything else is built. And that sh*t must be maintained!

Jennifer Marks

For a long time I allowed shame to de-rail my training practice. Frustration would snowball into deep self-loathing, I’d play the comparison game, and I'd quit. Sara’s mindset training helped transform my training practice into the highest form of self-care. I’m learning to prioritize play, curiosity & patience. Knowing the long journey that lies ahead, I’m reminding myself to take in the view. The view from the top is so worth the effort.

Jennifer Marks:

Imagine a Life Free From Pain and Embarrassing Leaks

Success Is Movement Mastery

Imagine waking up and going about your day without the burden of chronic pain. Picture yourself performing activities you never thought possible.

Your body doesn’t have to decline with age.

That’s a choice
… to let it decline.

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