Nauli Kriya

Nauli Kriya is a cleansing technique. Use your abdominal muscles to give your internal organs a massage! If you want to boost digestion & energy, and build core strength & awareness, then start Sara's step-by-step guide to learning Nauli Kriya today!

Fat Loss Fast
Intermittent Fasting & Flexible Dieting

A maintainable approach to fat loss so that you can stop yo-yo dieting. Comes with over 65 recipes.

Strength Academy

Do you have muscle imbalances causing pain, spasm, tightness, or urinary incontinence? Do you want to improve your core stability and strength, and learn cool skills like handstands, pull-ups, and pistols? Not sure how to get started?  Don’t worry, Sara’s got you covered. When you join this monthly mentorship online home program, you start at unit 1 and you will be mentored by Sara (yes, Sara) in the private facebook group. You'll also get access to her Splits, Backbending and Nauli Kriya Programs!

Learn the Splits

Splits might seem impossible to learn if you’re stiff as a board, but you can master anything with patience and commitment––including the Splits! The Splits Training Program is an 8-week online home program that will help you learn how to touch your toes, pancake, and safely master the Splits. It will benefit you in every area of your life, even if your goal isn't the splits.



This is a 7-week ACTIVE FLEXIBILITY online home program for beginners.

You will learn exercises to strengthen and open your entire backbending chain.

If you have tight shoulders & hips, a hunched back, and perhaps even pain, then this program is for you!

Learn More About Sara's Approach To Intermittent Fasting.
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