Sara’s Favourite Things

Hi! I'm Sara Solomon and I'm a and BSN sponsored athlete.

This is a list of my favourite things**!



Supplements & Food

BCAAs (plain, with caffeine or with creatine): When, Why and How I use them and my favourite brand.

Fish Oil: Why and when I take it, and how I store it.

Protein Powders: Which taste the best, which are lower in calories?

Protein Bars: I'm a protein bar addict. Check out my favourite.

Powdered Peanut Butter: PB&Me's chocolate hazelnut is AMAZING!

Calorie-Free Syrups, Salad Dressings & More: Great for saving calories.

Protein Bread & Protein Nut Butters: Great for making flatbread pizza. The nut butters are unbelievable.


Fitness Equipment

  • My Jump Rope: Why the rope matters!
  • Foam Rollers (and massage balls)
  • Strongfit Sandbags (60, 80, 100 lbs)
  • Pec Sticks: Yes, plural, just like the sandbags. I own 3 different pec sticks: 45kg, 30kg and 20kg. This is the 45kg Pec Stick that I purchased. It's very challenging, and I do indeed use it, but I mostly use the 20kg one. I'd recommend everyone buy a 20kg Pec Stick.
  • Spud Lat Pulldown Pulley
  • Exer-genie (for rope pulls and sled work indoors)
  • Airdyne bike
  • Concept2 Rower
  • Resistance Loop Bands, Resistance Bands
  • TRX
  • I also have a treadmill, a spin bike, a bench, and a collection of dumbbells and kettlebells.
  • The rest of my equipment was purchased online at Rogue Fitness. I have a Rogue HR-2 Half Rack (with safety spotter arms and storage posts), a woman's 35 pound Bella bar, a 45 pound OHIO bar, bumper plates (2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35 and 45 pounds) and a training bar (15 pounds). My other Rogue Fitness items include a matador (for dips), wooden box, wooden gymnastics rings, a post landmine, a 12-pound medicine ball, a PVC pipe and an AB-2 Firm AbMat.


Fitness Accessories

Grips: I use these grips when I'm doing high volume bar work (i.e. butterfly pull-ups, kipping toes-to-bar).

Versa Grips: Great for newbies to pull-ups, deadlifts and toes-to-bar. But don't rely on them (I gradually weaned myself off of these) ... also try with your bare hands so you can toughen up your skin and develop your grip strength.

Wrist Wraps: I wear these when I'm doing kettlebell work (they work as a kettlebell wrist guard). I also wear them when I do sandbag carries, otherwise my bare wrists get sweaty and I lose my grip.

Padded lifting straps: These are the ones I often use for deadlifts. I like to start my deadlifts with my bare hands so I can develop my grip strength. I only resort to the straps after I have exhausted my grip strength ... that way the straps allow me to train harder than my grip strength would normally allow.

Wonder Woman & Batman Shaker Cups: Because it makes me feel like a hero when I train!

Fill ’n Go Funnel: This is a portable funnel for storing BCAAs. I use this when travelling. So necessary!


Fitness Fashion

Reebok: For my training footwear: I use Reebok Nano's. Clothing: I have the B Swoosh pullover hoodie, parachute tank, limitless tank and sleeveless hoodie.

TeamSS Apparel: My TeamSS Fashions!

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Kitchen Must-Haves


Meal Prep Containers: They are microwave and dishwasher friendly.

Ice Cream Machine: I love to make protein ice cream.

Strawberry Huller: To scoop the guts out of your strawberries so you can make my chocolate stuffed strawberries recipe!

Spiralizer: To make zoodles!

Crock Pot and Crock Pot Liners. The crock pot liners prevent a huge mess in your slow cooker. Love them!

Chocolate Bar Mold: OMG you have to make my protein chocolate bar recipe!


Cat Lovers Only!

Shark Cat Bed: My siamese cats LOVE this! hahahahah!



*Contain affiliate links. I only recommend products that I use and love. But please do not feel obligated to purchase anything through my links. I'm a BSN and Sponsored Athlete. Click the Terms of Service to read my affiliate disclosure.