Sara’s Favourite Things

Hi! I'm Sara Solomon and I'm a and BSN sponsored athlete.

This is a list of my favourite things**!



Supplements & Food

BCAAs (plain, with caffeine or with creatine): When, Why and How I use them and my favourite brand.

Fish Oil: Why and when I take it, and how I store it.

Protein Powders: Which taste the best, which are lower in calories?

Protein Bars: I'm a protein bar addict. Check out my favourites.

Powdered Peanut Butter: PB&Me's chocolate hazelnut is AMAZING!

Calorie-Free Syrups, Salad Dressings & More: Great for saving calories.

Protein Bread & Protein Nut Butters: Great for making flatbread pizza. The nut butters are unbelievable.


Fitness Equipment

My Jump Rope: Why the rope matters!

Foam Rollers: I use my RumbleRoller and Beasties every single day. Keeps me in the game!

Prostretch: great for stretching your calves and hamstrings

Equipment you see in my home gym (you can order these online): Airdyne bike, Concept2 Rower, Resistance Loop Bands, Resistance Bands, TRX . I also have a treadmill, a spin bike, a bench, and a collection of dumbbells and kettlebells.

The rest of my equipment was purchased online at Rogue Fitness. I have Rogue HR-2 Half Rack (with safety spotter arms and storage posts), a woman's 35 pound Bella bar, a 45 pound OHIO bar, and bumper plates (2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35 and 45 pounds). I recommend you start with a training bar (15 pounds). My other Rogue Fitness items include a wooden box, wooden gymnastics rings, a post landmine, a 12-pound medicine ball and an AB-2 Firm AbMat.


Fitness Accessories

Knee Sleeves: I wear knee sleeves when I do pistol squats to keep my knees warm and for prevention. Do not rely on knee sleeves as a "band-aid" for any knee symptoms you may have. If you have knee pain, I encourage you to see a doctor, chiro or physio. Proper warm-up and mobility drills, proper exercise mechanics and weak point training are paramount if you want to have healthy knees. Really strong hamstrings are better than knee sleeves 😜... if you are quad dominant, it could lead to knee pain. These are the knee sleeves I own.

Grips with Thumb Sleeve: I use these grips when I'm doing high volume bar work (i.e. pull-ups, toes-to-bar, deadlifts, olympic lifting).


Versa Grips: Great for newbies to pull-ups, deadlifts and toes-to-bar. But don't rely on them ... also try with your bare hands so you can toughen up your skin and develop your grip strength.

Wrist Wraps: Sometimes I wear these when I do handstands for extra wrist support (for prevention). I'll also wear them when I'm doing kettlebell work (they work as a kettlebell wrist guard).

Padded lifting straps: These are the ones I often use for deadlifts. I like to start my deadlifts with my bare hands so I can develop my grip strength. I only resort to the straps after I have exhausted my grip strength ... that way the straps allow me to train harder than my grip strength would normally allow.

Wonder Woman & Batman Shaker Cups: Because it makes me feel like a hero when I train!

Weightlifting Belt: This is the one I have. I haven't used it yet because I'm learning how to breathe and brace with my lats, abs, and obliques. Don't use a weight belt to mask a weak core. Belts are for experienced lifters and heavy weights. Focus on getting strong without assistive gear. If your back hurts when you deadlift, then it's time to take a look at what's going on (or rather, not going on) at your hamstrings.

Fill ’n Go Funnel: This is a portable funnel for storing BCAAs. I use this when travelling. So necessary!


Fitness Fashion

Reebok: For my training footwear: I use Reebok Nano's. Clothing: I have the B Swoosh pullover hoodie, parachute tank, limitless tank and sleeveless hoodie.

TeamSS Apparel: My TeamSS Fashions!

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Kitchen Must-Haves


Meal Prep Containers: They are microwave and dishwasher friendly.

Ice Cream Machine: I love to make protein ice cream.

Strawberry Huller: To scoop the guts out of your strawberries so you can make my chocolate stuffed strawberries recipe!

Spiralizer: To make zoodles!

Crock Pot and Crock Pot Liners. The crock pot liners prevent a huge mess in your slow cooker. Love them!

Chocolate Bar Mold: OMG you have to make my protein chocolate bar recipe!


Cat Lovers Only!

Shark Cat Bed: My siamese cats LOVE this! hahahahah!



*Contain affiliate links. I only recommend products that I use and love. But please do not feel obligated to purchase anything through my links. I'm a BSN and Sponsored Athlete. Click the Terms of Service to read my affiliate disclosure.