• the StrongFit Sandbag (Sara’s main training tool).
  • ideal for home gyms
  • hand made, triple-stitched seams with industrial thread
  • 12-month warranty on seams
  • available in pink for my #TeamSS in 60, 80 and 100 pound options (select TeamSS60, TeamSS80, TeamSS100 at checkout).
  • comes with a ring, lacrosse ball and zip tie for closing the sandbag
  • sand not included
  • please watch the video below to learn how to fill and close your sandbag
  • use it for squats, thrusters, overhead presses, floor presses, clean and jerks, carries, tosses and more!


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**Always consult with your physician before starting any exercise program.

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How to Fill & Close Sandbags

Why Sandbags?

Why use sandbags instead of barbells?

  • Most lifting in real life is done with objects between your hands (e.g. picking up your baby, your cat, or a sandbag). This makes sandbags more functional than barbells. You are more likely going to pick up an odd object in real life than a barbell.
  • Barbells do not promote natural movement patterns because the shape of the barbell distributes weight on the outside of the body. Sandbags, however, promote more natural movement patterns since the weight is distributed between your hands.
  • Barbell movements require more skill to learn (i.e. learning how to master a barbell clean and jerk can take years). Sandbag movements are easier to learn because less skill required. I learned how to master a sandbag clean and jerk in just a few minutes. This makes sandbags very user-friendly for beginners.
  • Asymmetrical/unpredictable loading of a sandbag makes for better core training.
  • Sandbags can be used for loads, holds, and carries.
  • Barbells train movement in the sagittal plane, but sandbags also train movement in the frontal plane. Sandbag training will fill voids in your training, which can help minimize injury and improve athletic performance (because you are training all planes of movement).

Sandbag Exercise Video Tutorials

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