Lat pulldown machine cable attachment

  • portable and affordable lat pulldown machine alternative
  • comes with 1 pulley, 1/4″ cable (6’3″ long), 2 spring clips, loading strap pin, strap
  • weight limit: 550 lbs
  • hang it from your ceiling or your rack
  • attach plates or kettlebells to it
  • compatible with different lat pulldown attachments (e.g. tricep lat rope, lat pulldown bar)
  • watch the video for assembly instructions and exercise suggestions


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**Always consult with your physician before starting any exercise program.

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Available in black or yellow

Video Demo

I can’t accommodate a lat pulldown machine in my home gym, but I found a clever solution so that I can still do my favourite cable exercises at home. In today’s video, I show you an affordable and space-saving way to do lat pulldowns and other cable exercises in a small home gym.

I purchased a lat pulldown bar separately. I also purchased an extra spring clip (carabiner) to mount it to my Rogue ceiling mount.

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