Finger Food

Finger Food

Hallowe'en Quest:

Trick your kids (and yourself!) into eating less sugary treats this hallowe'en. Here's how to avoid "Hallobetes":

Quest Bar Finger Food

Ingredients & Materials:


Cut the Quest Bar into Quarters

Cut the Quest Bar into Quarters

  • Cut 1 Quest bar into quarters (see the photo). Place on a plate covered with plastic wrap (otherwise the Quest Bars will stick to your plate). Place in the microwave for 18 seconds. Once removed from the microwave, roll each quarter between your palms to make a finger shape. I even pinched the fingers to mimic human anatomy, and I used a knife to carve "knuckle lines".
  • Place the fingers to look like a hand. Place an almond on the fingertips to mimic fingernails.
  • Cover the with a glove (I folded the fingers down).
  • Break off a chunk (1/4) of another Quest bar and roll it to look like a thumb. I used a strawberry cheesecake bar to make it look bloodier. I didn't bother microwaving it because it was very fresh and malleable. Dip the thumb stump in blood (Walden Farms Calorie Free/Sugar Free STRAWBERRY Syrup). Place an almond on the thumb tip.
  • Coat the knife and plate with "blood" (Walden Farms Calorie Free/Sugar Free STRAWBERRY Syrup) for dramatic effect.

Nutritional Information:

For 1 and 1/4th of the above-mentioned Quest Bars plus 5 almonds and 1 tsp Syrup:

  • calories: 244, fat: 10.2g, saturated fat: 0.2g, cholesterol: 6.3mg, sodium: 342.1mg, carbohydrates: 31.6g, fiber: 22g, net carbs: 9.6g, sugars: 1.7g, protein: 26.3g

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 Did I mention I love Hallowe'en?

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