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Welcome to my “Learn to Do the Splits” Online Training Program!

Achieving the splits means you have taken the time to improve your body’s structure, stability and mobility. This will improve your ability to move and perform in life. I think we can all agree that the splits are a sexy party trick worth adding to our repertoire!

What’s My Story?

My name is Dr. Sara Solomon, and I’m a certified StrongFit Coach with a BSc in Physical Therapy (and I’m also a dentist). I will teach you how I applied the principles of StrongFit and implemented concepts I learned in Physiotherapy School to learn how to do the splits at 40 years of age. It took me about a year to learn how to do the splits. Prior to that, I couldn’t even bend over to touch my toes.

How long does it take to learn the splits?

As long as it takes! It will depend on your current structure, your ability to stabilize your spine and pelvis, and your mobility. That’s why my program focuses on building your structure and improving your ability to stabilize your spine and pelvis, so that you can make mobility gains. My program prioritizes mobility, not flexibility (there is indeed a difference between the two, and I will teach that to you).

I do NOT recommend learning the splits by trying to passively force yourself into the splits. That approach is painful, and it increases your chances of getting injured. If your body is not allowing you to do the splits, there is a reason why. My program will teach you why this is happening to you and what you can do to give your body permission to do the splits without hurting yourself.

What is this?

This is both a home and gym program geared to teaching you how to achieve the front and middle splits.

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • A gym membership is recommended (leg press, hamstring curl, knee extension, hip abductor/adductor, GHD, cable pulley/ankle straps).
  • Home Gym Equipment: pec stick, Ankle weights, Kettlebell, Booty Band, Resistance Band, Odd Object (e.g. sandbag, medicine ball, Kettlebell), long foam roller.
  • Internet Access: be able to log into DrSaraSolomon.com to access the video tutorials, programming and theory.
  • A facebook account: to join the TeamSS Splits Facebook Group
  • Intent: This is not a: “Learn the Splits FAST” program. It will take you as long as it takes.

Will it Hurt?

My program does not force you into the splits or into uncomfortable stretches. I know firsthand that you don’t learn the splits by trying to force yourself into the splits. Inflicting pain and causing structural damage will sideline you and make you lose all desire to learn the splits. That’s why my approach is active (not passive), methodical, and body-friendly. I’m going to teach you how to improve your mobility. You will be working within pain-free ranges of motion, and I teach you how to use your breath to establish your own movement standards. It’s really cool!

Do I Have To Be Flexible to Do Your Splits Program?

Nope. I was stiff when I first embarked on my splits odyssey at 39 years of age. The only prerequisite for achieving the splits is establishing your intent (your why). If you have daily intent, then you will really enjoy your splits odyssey. That’s why my program teaches you “WHY”, and not just “what” or “how”.

You will have online access to: 

  • My approach to learning the splits (this program is the true story of how I learned the splits at 40 years of age)
  • My exercise demonstration videos. Written explanations are also provided.  
  • My splits theory, which includes physiotherapy concepts and principles of StrongFit (You will learn about torque, structure, stabilization and mobility).
  • My approach to splits programming. I teach you how to design your own programming (and the importance of listening to your body), and I provide you with 3 sample programs.
  • Me (Sara) in the private facebook group. If your facebook name is different than the name/email you used for your purchase, then email me at sara@drsarasolomon.com with your receipt and your facebook name. I pop into the facebook group once a day. You can post questions about the theory and let me know what you are struggling with so I can help you. If you are not sure if you are doing an exercise properly, you can film yourself doing the exercise and post it in the facebook group for my feedback. I encourage you to post your progress and daily wins in the facebook group!

Yes You Can!

In this video, you will see some of the home and gym exercises that you will be doing in order to learn the splits. You will also see what I can do with my body as a result of improving my structure, stability and mobility. If you really want to improve your mobility and learn the splits, then you will do what needs to be done to achieve it. I’m proof that it’s never too late to learn the splits. If I was able to learn the splits at 40, then you can learn the splits too. My program will teach you exactly what I did to pull this off and why. When you understand why you are doing what you are doing, it makes it so much easier to stay the course because you will have no issues establishing your daily intent. Enjoy! #SexyFlexy

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