Tutorial: Selfies

Tutorial: Selfies

We all know the camera can play fugly-fying tricks. Outsmart the camera. Here's how

TOOTorial #1: Abs selfies: 

TOOTorial #2: BUTT selfies: 

I don't want to sound like I'm tootin my own toots again, but this is how I transform my gluteus flatosis into a gluteus spectacularis on camera:

  1. Pull the front of your pants super low (but not so low as to reveal your groinalplex region).
  2. Hike the back of your pants up super high (but not so high as to look like Steve Urkel).
  3. Arch your back (don't pull a moosle) and suck in your belly (don't pee your pants).
  4. Before you snap the photo, wipe the constipated look off your face. Ta-Da!

TOOTorial #3: Abs Selfies

abs selfie

  1. Place an object (the cat) closer to the mirror. Place yourself behind the object (the cat). The object closer to the mirror (the cat) will seem larger, whilst the object further away (ie. you, duh) will seem smaller.
  2. Lie on your back and do a mini crunch to make your abs snap crackle and pop!
  3. Don't forget to pull your pants super low, but not so low that they are actually still folded in your drawer.

Tutorial #4: Perfect Selfies

Today's TOOTorial teaches you how to trick people into thinking you are perfect, based on your Selfies Technique. I also teach you how to use special selfies equipment, CELLFY, which you can get for your smartphone and your tablet. Oh, and of course the BIG COOKIE recipe seen in this video is available here.

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