Surviving the Holidays

Surviving the Holidays
Happy Holidays!
This post is loaded with coupons, recipes, workouts, diet tips, and giveaways!


No time to train this weekend! Not true! I've got 2 quick BURNERS for you that will help you improve the strength and mobility of your shoulders. You don't need a gym: soup cans and a text book will work. Do these with me in real time!

Here's an incredible workout that will make you curse at me, and it only takes 4 minutes. Bear hug a sandbag (or a heavy medicine ball or a bag of kitty litter or your child), and start walking. How long can you last before dropping the object? Tip: breathe in through your nose. Try for 4 minutes (about 400 metres). Click here for my sandbag tutorials.

Click here for my

air squat tutorial


I'm so excited to share my favourite Cheesecake recipe with you! It was my Grandma's recipe, and my mom teaches us how to make it in this video!


I know what you are thinking ... "Isn't it inappropriate that you are sharing a cheesecake recipe made with sugar, cookies and butter?"
Nope! Not at all! I'm a flexible dieter! I follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of what I eat on a daily basis is "healthy". The remaining 20% is at my discretion. With this approach, I don't feel deprived and I don't have to feel guilty about my food choices, especially during the holiday season when my mom makes brownies, cheese bread, cherry chews, and cheesecake!
I'm not doing my job if I don't teach you how to navigate food in real life scenarios. I don't expect you to demonize processed foods for the rest of your life. Life is too short to boycott cheesecake!
With the right strategy in place, it's possible to improve your body composition without giving up wine, chocolate and bread.
I know for a fact that I would NOT look any better if I cut "cheat food" out of my daily diet. Why not? Because I wouldn't have the willpower to adhere to a perfectly "clean food" diet on a daily basis. I'd end up bingeing on all the food that I was demonizing. I speak from experience: Look at the photo below: In 2008, I was eating 1200 calories a day and only "clean" food. Fast forward to 2017: I'm eating 2000 calories a day with daily treats.
I've been teaching my common sense approach to nutrition to women (and dudes too) for the past 6 years. I'd love to share some body recomposition photos of some of my licorice-loving, bread-loving, chocolate-loving TeamSS members (see photo below).
The common theme: we all deprived ourselves of calories and our favourite treats in the BEFORE photos. In the after photos, we are all eating 2000 calories a day, and we don't feel guilty when we eat bread! No more bingeing!
Here's my advice: STOP DIETING AND EXERCISING! It doesn't work. You know what does work? Fuelling your body and training to get stronger and fitter. It's very empowering too!
With my sustainable approach to nutrition (The Fat Loss FAST system), you will learn how to improve your body composition (lose fat and build muscle) without having to follow a strict diet. That's why you can get results you can actually maintain... because you don't have to do anything drastic to get the results in the first place.
My specialty is teaching women (and dudes!) how to recover from years of dieting. Stop eating 1200 calories a day and stop feeling tormented by your food choices and save 10% while you're at it. Use coupon HOLIDAYS10.
I look forward to welcoming you to the Fat Loss Fast family (a.k.a. TeamSS).

p.s. To enter my latest protein bar giveaway, click here.

Welcome! If you want to learn how to MOVE and EAT BETTER, you've come to the right place! I'm Dr. Sara Solomon. I'm a certified StrongFit coach and an intermittent fasting expert. I have degrees in dentistry (DMD) and physiotherapy (BSc PT), and I'm also a Pilates Mat Level 1 Instructor, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2016-2021), ACE personal trainer, NASM fitness nutrition specialist, a Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor, and a certified level 2 Buddy Lee Jump Rope Trainer and Ambassador. I'm a BSN Supplements and Til You Collapse sponsored athlete. My passion is helping people overcome restrictive diets and muscle imbalances so they can FEEL their very best!

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