Home Workout #38: Burpee Jump Rope Tabata Hell

Home Workout #38: Burpee Jump Rope Tabata Hell

I Hate Burpees!

This is a 4-minute workout designed to elevate your metabolic rate for the rest of the day.

Yep, you will be burning fat like a champ for hours after your workout thanks to Burpees &  Jump Rope!

nov 30 2013

This is my serious sexy face. K, thanks.

Equipment Required:

Dr Sara Solomon Cross Speed Jump Rope Buddy Lee Jump Ropes

Always a Must!

Drink your BCAAs!

Stay hydrated with water.

  • I like to add BCAAs. Click here to read why.
jump rope home workout

HOT PINK is my favrat! The girl on the jump rope box is lovely 🙂 lol

Video Workout:

Keep this 4 minute circuit mega-INTENSE; otherwise, you are not going to benefit from Tabata. If you are late for work, this is an ideal 4-minute workout to cram into your hectic morning schedule. Maximize fat-burning by doing this 4-minute workout fasted as soon as you wake up …  and stay fasted for at least 2 hours after the workout (you can drink your BCAAs).

Need a Jump Rope Refresher? Review the Jump Rope Techniques and Progressions by clicking on my video demo.

  1. Burpee Push-Up and Row (I used 15-pound DBs)
  2. Jump Rope (High Step)
  3. Burpee Medicine Ball Tricep Push-Up and Squat/Front Deltoid Raise
  4. Jump Rope (High Step)
  5. Burpee Push-Up with alternating leg twisty thingies!
  6. Jump Rope (High Step)
  7. Competition Burpees
  8. Jump Rope – (High Step)

Do the workout with me. Just click on the video.

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Welcome! If you want to learn how to MOVE and EAT BETTER, you've come to the right place! I'm Dr. Sara Solomon. I'm a certified StrongFit coach and an intermittent fasting expert. I have degrees in dentistry (DMD) and physiotherapy (BSc PT), and I'm also a Pilates Mat Level 1 Instructor, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2016-2021), ACE personal trainer, NASM fitness nutrition specialist, a Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor, and a certified level 2 Buddy Lee Jump Rope Trainer and Ambassador. I'm a BSN Supplements and Til You Collapse sponsored athlete. My passion is helping people overcome restrictive diets and muscle imbalances so they can FEEL their very best!


  1. Doing this one at noon on Tuesday. Is a 20lb medicine ball good enough? Thank you for posting this so much. I work 2 jobs and I need time efficient/effective practices like you post. One more thing, can you post a vid on how you do that cat’s cradle thing? I can’t seem to get it 🙁

  2. Did this at 5:30 am, ..I was trying to brush something off my face afterward, the floor!
    Thanks Dr. Sara.

  3. Quick question. Is this meant to be only a four-minute workout? Or can you do two or three circuits back-to-back? I guess I’m asking because it’s been drilled into me for the whole of my life that the more cardio the better. If I wanted to do two of these Tabata workouts back-to-back, how long should I wait in-between them? BTW, you are hilarious and I love your fitness and health philosophy!

  4. i know less is more but I need longer workouts ! Can you start adding new longer sessions like 20-30 min ?

  5. Hi Sara ..I’m trying to figure out how to my fasting routine … . Can u tell me the your daily routine …from what time your morning starts to the time u start eating to time u stop eating and start fasting ? Thx u !!

  6. I love this workout…what other workouts do you recommend after having a baby?

  7. Faaaantastico!!! Molto bene dr. Solomon. Muahhhh

  8. You are a crazy BITCH! …. I LOVE IT
    Not a friend of the fasting bullshit but your workouts are fun. Love your mid section and yes u can pull ypur pants lower! Cheers


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