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Justine Samuell CaryJustine Samuell Cary
I have been following Sara for 2 years, and fell in love with her common sense approach to eating. I started Sara's ‪fasting‬ and workout program in March 2014, and I'm confident Sara has started a revolution! Although I could not keep up with her ‪workouts‬ - I did what I could - until I could get through 3 rounds. I must say that I ...
John SpinazzolaJohn Spinazzola
Thank you, Dr. Sara! I used your intermittent fasting diet, as well as many of your recipes for the 2014 Bodybuilding.com transformation challenge. At 44 years of age, I was able to lose 42 pounds and 12% body fat in 12 weeks. I didn’t starve myself or do hours of cardio a day. I know I’ll be able to maintain my results since I didn’t ...
Taren TerrillTaren Terrill
Sara, I wanted to share my one month progress using your system. After only 1 month of doing your system, I put on 4 lbs of muscle and went down 3% body fat! My husband is now telling his co-workers about my progress and has referred them to your site and suggested purchasing your e-books. I can't begin to tell you how freeing it is ...
Jo LorioJo Lorio
"I'd like to thank Sara from the bottom of my heart. I'm starting to see definition in my abs and I'm very proud that I have lost fat, gained muscle and leaned out. I recently placed third in my first Women's Physique show. The judges like my symmetry and mass levels. Fasting works! You can see from the side view in my photo that obviously my ...
Sara YoungSara Young
I stumbled upon Sara's website, bought her e-book, and learned about macros, doing less cardio, and the importance of when and what to eat — and the rest is history (I lost 24 pounds)! In just six short weeks of hitting my macros to a T, eating Sara’s recipes, and doing her HIIT workouts, I saw a HUGE difference in my appearance. My starting weight ...
Dan ThiryDan Thiry
Sara, Just wanted to update you on my fasted success. Since that day we spoke in Toronto, I have been going strong. I started on May 31st, and it's currently June 27th. I'm down about 3% bodyfat and I lost 14 pounds! I eat all my macros between 5 and 9pm. Thanks for the chat. You made things so much easier for me.
Tammy WalshTammy Walsh
Well... what a joyous ride this has been! I have never felt so amazing! It's been 9 months since I started IF with Sara's system. It's so effortless! My weight has stayed off (24.8 pounds lost!) and I have never been happier!! Thank you so much Dr Sara Solomon for creating this system!
Maureen DiamondMaureen Diamond
I first discovered Dr. Sara searching the internet for intermittent fasting about a year ago. I immediately read everything of hers I could and studied up. Sara's straight forward approach and sense of humor are awesome! So about 3 months ago after a summer of packing on the pounds due to depression and an injury I got out of my own way, started using my ...

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