Child’s Pose Leg Lifts

Child’s Pose Leg Lifts
TUTORIAL: Child's Pose Leg Lifts.

This exercise helped me improve my end-range hip extension and overcome back pain!

Do it if you want to:
· Improve the back leg in your front splits, standing splits, handstand split entries, flying crow, etc.
· Improve your deadlift lockout.
· Improve back pain (do this exercise when you feel “out of alignment"… it gives relief!)
· Improve your movement efficiency. Become a better runner/sprinter. Become a better athlete!

·To learn how to find the glute-ham connection when extending your STRAIGHT leg. The intent over time is to increase your straight leg hip extension AROM whilst keeping your hips square. Really find and dig into your contralateral oblique to stabilize you.
·You have to really use the glute max to extend the straight leg, and that hip flexor needs to open up. I think about my standing split when I do child pose leg lifts for motivation/intent.

Give it a Whirl:
·Use a foam yoga block. Keep your hips square. Keep the leg MAXIMUM STRAIGHT, even if you can only lift it 1mm off the ground. Do 10 controlled reps per leg, hold the last rep for 10s.
·This exercise looks easy … until you try it . Eventually the goal is to ditch the yoga block.
·Show me your child’s pose leg lifts: tag me in your IG stories @drsarasolomon and I’ll give you feedback!

You can find this exercise explained in detail inside my Splits Program (unit 3), inside my Strength Academy (unit 46) or inside my Backbending for Beginners Program!


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