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Strength Academy Facebook Group

Thanks for joining my Strength Academy! I'm honoured and excited to be part of your transformative journey.

Please click here to request to join the Facebook group.

If your facebook name is different than your purchase name, please let me know! Email me at

Thank you! Looking forward to interacting with you inside the group!

Quick Tips for getting started:

Please start with unit 1 and you can start looking at the pelvic floor clinic too!

Please do not compare yourself to people in the facebook group … the veterans in the group will be so excited to meet you and share their tips with you to help you win!

Please post your [wins] or [asks] in this group. On day 7, post your video [homework].

This is a group of winners, so we don't post negative thoughts. Please approach new exercises with a curious mindset! In fact, don't even formulate an opinion of your performance with a new exercise until you've done it at least 300 times. Focus on what you are trying to feel in the new exercises (hint: find your TVA and lats!)

p.s. it took me about 20,000 handstand attempts until I started to feel like maybe I was starting to figure it out. It took about 40,000 attempts (4 years) to be able to consistently do a properly stacked handstand. Good things take time.