How To Approach This Journey

"More is not better. Better is better". That's why I recommend you take a couple weeks to complete each unit. Work at your own pace and be as consistent as possible.

Repetition is the secret to success.

Never forget that mastery of the fundamentals is indeed mastery!

This isn't a rush. It's a journey! So don't make it about getting to the top of the mountain the fastest (don't equate the top of the mountain with status or self-worth). Rather, equate showing up for yourself with self-worth.

Focus on what you are feeling as you gradually soak in every step you take on the mountain. Sometimes going back down the mountain to investigate what you overlooked is the best way to catapult yourself even further up the mountain.

Magical things happen when you fall in love with showing up for yourself to make small 1% daily improvements. These 1% improvements add up! Remember, it has taken me 4 years of hammering the basics to get to where I am today. I am NOT "above the basics" because I understand I cannot improve if I am not open to getting stronger.

The first question I want to ask you is this: "Are you open to getting stronger?". If so, then proceed!