Applying the “Jelly Fish”

September 2021 ZOOM: "Applying the Jelly Fish" 

In this ZOOM, I discussed how to activate the pelvic floor and lower pooch. It's a supple "suckage uppage & innage" feeling that we decided to call "the jelly fish". The intent is to start applying the jelly fish to all exercises.

Warm Up

  • T-spine flex/ext
  • Neck flex/ext, side to side, rolls.
  • Shoulder circles, back and forth, twists
  • Side bends
  • Straddle Forward fold: hang centre, sides. Hands down and hips side to side. Windmills.
  • Downward Dog: pedal feet. Leg kicks: 10/side and 10 pulses, then 10 to side with pulses.
  • Squat bottom position. Into lateral lunge into hip flexor stretch (bend & straighten back leg, then low lunge foot grab, forward fold hamstring). Other side.
  • Butterfly
  • Banded lat activation drills
  • Shoulder dislocates
  • Wrist warm up


Core Activation Pooch drills: coordinate with PF

  • Set Point Exercise: 30s
  • Supine Thrusts
  • L-sit Prep: 10s
  • Glide Disc L-sit Preps: try for 5


Back Line Exercises

  • Sphinx … find the feeling of your t spine extending.
  • 8-8-8 (yoga block feet and forearms). Straight legs first. Then arms. Then together. 
  • Shoulder alphabet 5 of each: thumbs up: I, Y T, W --> I



  • Pilates toe taps (alternating and bilat).
  • Nerve flossing


Digging into Deeper Compression:

  • First open the QL & Hams: Forward Folds (pike & straddle)
  • Unilateral Straddle Leg Lifts (close the angle by walking hands forward)
  • Straddle bilateral leg lifts over yoga blocks
  • Show my auto-assisted technique for strengthening greater ranges: Seated & Standing (hand to toe)
  • Pike Leg lifts (close the angle by walking hands forward)
  • L-sit prep: raise 1 leg hold 10s, raise 1 leg hold 10s. Then try to raise both legs.