Home Workout #37: Sweaty Abs HIIT

Home Workout #37: Sweaty Abs HIIT

My 6-Pack Secret:

hiit 37

People always ask me how to get abs like mine. What's my secret?

  • Intermittent fasting (IF) is my main secret! Because I spend more time fasting than feeding, I am burning fat! I burned the fat off my abs, which is why you can see them!
  • I don't stay in a daily caloric deficit. I increase my calories and carbs a few times a week. This is called calorie and carb cycling, and is the concept I teach in my Fat Loss Fast System.
  • I engage in short duration, but intense training. You have likely heard the terms: HIT resistance training, metabolic training, Tabata Training, interval sprints. This boosts my metabolic rate for hours after I'm done training. And because I train fasted and remain fasted post-workout, my fat-burning goes through the roof! Add progressively heavier weights to this equation and you have the formula for fat burning success.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 9.48.41 PM

So why do I bother training my core?

  • A strong core will support your spine, protecting your from back injuries and pain. This is especially important for people who sit all day long on the job with slouched posture.
  • I love the plank because it targets all the muscles of the core (including the lower back), making it the ultimate prerequisite exercise for all weight lifting and sports.

Equipment Required:

Video Workout:

sweaty abs hiit 37

What is AMRAP? It stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. Today's workout it a 10-minute AMRAP HIIT circuit, consisting of 5 exercises that will make your core BURN! Once you get through the 5 exercises (with no rest), repeat it all over again. Keep repeating it as many times as possible in 10 minutes. I did it 3 times (off camera). Try to beat my score!

Keep this 10 minute circuit mega-INTENSE; otherwise, set your timer for 20 minutes. If you are late for work, this is an ideal 10-minute workout to cram into your hectic morning schedule. This 10-minute workout ensures your metabolism will be humming at top speed for the rest of the day.

  1. Ab Wheel: 10 reps
  2. Heel Touches: 10 reps each heel
  3. Ass-Ups (on bench): 10 reps. If you don't have a bench, do it on the floor.
  4. Plank "Thingy": 10 reps each leg
  5. Jump Rope – 60 seconds. Beginners do Basic Bounce Step. Everyone else: Travelling Bounce Step!

Do the workout with me. Just click on the video.


Welcome! If you want to learn how to MOVE and EAT BETTER, you've come to the right place! I'm Dr. Sara Solomon. I'm a certified StrongFit coach and an intermittent fasting expert. I have degrees in dentistry (DMD) and physiotherapy (BSc PT), and I'm also a Pilates Mat Level 1 Instructor, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2016-2021), ACE personal trainer, NASM fitness nutrition specialist, a Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor, and a certified level 2 Buddy Lee Jump Rope Trainer and Ambassador. I'm a BSN Supplements and Til You Collapse sponsored athlete. My passion is helping people overcome restrictive diets and muscle imbalances so they can FEEL their very best!


  1. Not only is your 10 min sweaty ABS awesome… but your fun personality makes it even easier to push through it… BTW my lil Guy aka my 2 yr old loved watching your cat.. LOL thanks…

  2. So sweet Taz wanted some tummy time too!

  3. Move it … please hahahah brain damage. You entertain me. Plus you help me workout and well Taz is Smashing. I Love him. You too platonic-ly silly you.!!!

  4. Hi Sara, what can I use as a substitute for the Ab wheel? I don’t own one and was wondering if there was another exercise you would recommend as a replacement.
    Thanks so much, your videos are great 🙂

    • Ended up purchasing an ab wheel! Burns like crazy 🙂 Thank you Sara Solomon for the free workouts; you are an awesome motivator!

  5. any coupon codes for your Dr.Sara Solomon’s Fat Loss Fast eBook? I saw a coupon box on the check out card. thank you did I mentioned that I enjoy all the awesome information on the website and YouTube videos.

  6. Dr Sara, Frst off, you are the best. Can you come up with an alternative to the ab wheel in the above My Six Pack Secret workout? Thanks and by the way, you are the best.


  7. another great one doc


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