One-on-One Coaching

Get exclusive one-on-one coaching with Sara!

This service has been created for dedicated people who want to get one-on-one coaching from Sara, either online, or in person.

This service is only for committed individuals who understand that results are earned over time. Sara doesn’t have magical powers that will give you an instant cure, but she can provide you with solutions that will help you overcome.

Options available:


·90 minutes ($198 USD)


private training sessions:

·60 minutes ($75 USD)

·90 minutes ($100 USD)

assessment + coaching sessions*:

·half day – 3 hours ($300 USD)

·full day – 6 hours ($500 USD)

·2-day weekend  -6 hrs/day ($1000 USD)

*If you can make it to Toronto, it’s strongly recommended you opt for the in person assessment and coaching. Sara will address your chief complaint (e.g. knee pain when lunging or taking the stairs, decreased shoulder mobility, back pain). She will identify any muscle deficiencies, imbalances and weakness that are contributing to your problem, and she will teach you exercises that will help you overcome. She will provide you with written and video descriptions of the exercises taught in your session. Your session will include 1 follow-up e-communication per week for 4 weeks to help you stay on track and understand the nuances of your personalized plan.

What if you don’t want an assessment? What if you just want Sara to teach you something specific? For example:

  • Perhaps you want her to show you how to confidently train at a commercial gym (i.e. how to use the machines, what muscles you should feel, etc)?
  • Perhaps you want her to take you through a commercial gym upper or lower body workout?
  • Perhaps you want her to help you learn a specific skill, such as learning a handstand, the splits, pull-ups or double unders?
  • Perhaps you are interested in private jump rope lessons?
  • Perhaps you want her to show you how to train with a sandbag (sandbag lapping, sandbag squats, sandbag dimmel deadlifts, sandbag carries, sandbag tosses, sandbag overhead presses, sandbag cleans, sandbag front squats, sandbag thrusters, etc)?
  • Perhaps you want learn how to properly activate your core, and you want her to show you exercises to help you improve your lumbo-pelvic and scapular stability?
  • Perhaps you want to book her to do a “lunch & learn” at your dental practice to provide the dentists, dental assistants and hygienists with exercises and ergonomics strategies to mitigate work-related pain.
  • Perhaps you need help overcoming restrictive dietary practices? You want Sara to teach you how to approach intermittent fasting so that you can make lean gains without following a bunch of anxiety-inducing dietary rules.
  • Perhaps you just need to talk to her for advice on how to get started and how to stop quitting.
  • Perhaps you want her to teach you something else? Just ask!

Here’s an assessment I did on my mom:

Cancellation policy: for a full refund or to reschedule your session, please contact Sara via email up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Partial refunds (50%) will be provided for last minute cancellations, and no refunds will be provided for missed appointments.



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Please email me to let me know what you need help with so I can establish if we are good fit before you schedule and pay for your session. 😃

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