Core Solutions Program

No More Back Pain & No More Leaks

Eradicate Back Pain
& Stiffness
Lose 1 to 3 inches off your waistline without dieting
Correct Muscle

Between back pain and leaks, it feels like my body's not my own anymore. I need a fitness regimen that can help me reclaim my body and my confidence.

It All Starts At The Core!

You will learn everything you need to know about the core in this program, so you can connect with it, and strengthen it. You’ll regain control over your body, enhance your physical capabilities, overcome fitness plateaus, and improve your well-being and health.

This program focuses on creating new patterns. You will improve your breathing mechanics, you will train your pelvic floor and TVA (Transversus Abdominis) to engage, and you will improve your spinal segmentation and flexibility.

Say goodbye to back pain and reconnect with your body through a core program designed for individuals of all genders.

The Core Solutions Program

Who Is This For? Here’s How To Recognize Signs Of A Weak Core And Pelvic Floor:

Weak Vs. Strong TVA

The TVA is your deep core muscle and it stands for Transversus Abdominis … a.k.a Transverse Abs. A weak TVA presents as “love handles” spilling over the pelvic bowl and a lower belly bulge. You can see this in my 2011 photo. It can also present as diastasis recti (abdominal separation), especially if you have been pregnant.

A strong TVA responds by tightening up (like a corset tightening around the waist). You can see this in my 2021 photo.

I started intensively training my TVA in May of 2020, and 6 weeks later, I had grown 1/4” taller and I lost 1.5” around my waist!

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out my clients’ results!

Now that I have your attention, keep reading below to learn more about your TVA.

The Core Solutions Program consists of 6 Clinics for Connecting to and Strengthening Your Core

TVA Clinic

The TVA is the deepest layer of abdominal muscles and when properly engaged, it acts like a corset around the lumbar spine. It has the very important role of stabilizing the lumbar spine when you move. A weak TVA can cause low back pain, diastasis recti, anterior pelvic tilt, and other imbalances in the body that contribute to pain and tightness. In this clinic, you will learn the anatomy and function of your deep core muscle, the TVA. The TVA is your body’s primary stabilizer, meaning, it acts FIRST when you move. When the TVA is working correctly, it will allow the rest of your body to work correctly.

So if you want to be a better athlete and learn specialty skills like handstands, the first step is to learn the feeling of correctly engaging your TVA.

If you can’t feel your TVA engaging, then how do you expect to strengthen it?

That’s why building a strong core foundation starts with learning how to correctly engage your TVA. This clinic will teach you how to engage it.

Once you learn how to correctly engage the TVA, then will be able to strengthen it!

Strengthening the TVA helps you eliminate pain and stiffness and increase your strength & mobility. Why? Because it allows all the other muscles in your body to function correctly. If your TVA isn’t doing its job, then the rest of the muscles in your body will have to work harder. This creates faulty movement patterns and muscle imbalances. This is the root cause of pain and tightness.

The good news is that you will learn how to properly engage your TVA in this program. This is a laser-focused program that help you build an incredibly strong core foundation. A strong core foundation is the prerequisite for achieving your fitness dream goals. So the stronger your core foundation, the more likely your fitness dream goals will come to fruition.

Breathing Clinic

Nasal breathing isn't just having air travel in and out of your nose. In this clinic, you will learn how to connect your inhalations and exhalations to your TVA, pelvic floor, and diaphragm. The diaphragm is the central muscle for breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing results in greater spinal stabilization because you are activating your core. In this clinic, you will learn how to optimize your breathing mechanics, which is important because your breathing mechanics impact the relationship between your upper and lower body. If you have rounded shoulders, rib flare and an anterior pelvic tilt, you will not want to overlook this important clinic!

You will also learn how to use your breath to stretch muscles, improve rib cage mobility and overcome chronic tightness.

Pelvic Floor Clinic (For Women): No More Leaks

In this clinic, you will eradicate stress incontinence and improve your sexual experiences by strengthening your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. Most of us have weak pelvic floor muscles because we never train them. And if you have been pregnant or have had a vaginal delivery, this can lead to dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles.

If you suffer from urinary incontinence when you sneeze, cough, jump rope or deadlift, please know that hope is not lost. If you feel disconnected from your sexual life-force energy, hope is not lost.

I used to suffer from jumping incontinence. I was completely disconnected from my own vagina, which was dry, weak, numb, and incapable of orgasming vaginally. I first had to learn how to properly engage my core. Then I was able to strengthen my weak pelvic floor muscles. When I first started, I couldn’t even keep a yoni egg inside my vagina. It would fall out. Today, I can lift 35 pounds with my vagina. The world record is 31 pounds. Obviously, this is extreme, and you won’t be lifting kettlebells with your vagina in this program. But if you are interested in eradicating stress incontinence caused by weak pelvic floor muscles, and developing a strong vagina that lubricates and orgasms, then I'd be delighted to show you my unique approach!

Some of the women who have followed my program have fixed their stress incontinence in just a week of doing the pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

Core Workout Videos

This 4-week Home Program is simple to follow. It only requires ~20 minutes of your time, 3 days a week.There are 3 new follow-along 20-minute core workout videos per week. Just play the video and do the follow-along core workout with me.

If you are short on time, you tend to procrastinate during your core workouts and you need more structure, then this program is for you!

You will learn how to:

  • Properly engage and strengthen your deep core muscle, the TVA (transverse abs). No more bearing down or wetting your pants.
  • Connect your breath to your core: your diaphragm, TVA and pelvic floor.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a veteran, you will leave this program with a strong core foundation and a dramatic increase in your overall strength level.

The core routines target your TVA and lats as stabilizers. Therefore, you will dramatically improve your stability (which is the permission slip for improving strength and mobility). The TVA is your body’s primary stabilizer: it acts first when you move and it stabilizes your spine (which is why it’s important to strengthen this muscle!). Your lats are the enormous muscles on your back that connect your arms to your vertebral column. They help stabilize your spine and shoulder girdle. If your TVA and lats aren’t working together to properly stabilize you, then you will develop imbalances that cause pain and tightness. These imbalances will prevent your from developing strength and mobility.There are 3 new core workout videos per week for 4 weeks. You can chose the days of the week that work best for your schedule. You can even do a routine as a warm-up for your regular training session.

I provide copious cuing and instructions for each exercise. The exercises follow progressions. Scaled variations of the exercises are provided.

There is plenty of repetition for 2 reasons: So you can...

1) Master the fundamentals.

2) Learn how to activate your muscles correctly and build the correct movement patterns.

You will develop your pushing strength (say goodbye to winged scapulae).

Your hip flexors will become alien strong (your compression strength will dramatically increase).

You will develop your backline strength and improve spinal mobility. Beginners backbending exercises are included, along with thoracic spine rotational openers.

By the end of this program, you will be well on your way to achieving your first lifted L-sit!

BONUS 1: Emergency Clinic: Routines to Help with Back Pain ($399 value)

Follow my emergency plan when you have a setback causing low back pain.

This is the clinic I recommend you visit whenever you have a setback. It has lots of real time exercise routines to help you with low back pain, SI joint pain, pelvic instability, and a “jacked up" psoas. It's quite comprehensive and will help you heal! How do I know? Because these are the exact routines I repeatedly do and they have helped me heal my painful muscle imbalances and become a movement badass. I've quite literally got your back with these routines:

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Rib Cage Mobility Routine (7:35 Minutes)
  • TVA Activation Routine (12 Minutes)
  • Spinal Segmentation & Flexibility Routine (15 Minutes)
  • Daily Stretching Routine for Relief: (18 Minutes)
  • CRP: Release the Psoas (6:29 Minutes)
  • Exercises for Low Back Pain, Hip Tension & Overactive Pelvic Floor (8:49 Minutes)
  • Pelvic Stability Exercise Routine (12 Minutes)
  • SI Joint Pain Relief Exercise Routine (6 Minutes)
  • Stretching Exercise Routine: 7 Minutes
  • Low Back Pain Exercise Routine: 8 Minutes
  • Classical Pilates Routine: 30 Minutes
  • Root Chakra Routine: 4 Minutes
  • Sacral Chakra Routine: 8 Minutes
  • Solar Plexus Routine: 3 Minutes

You will also learn how to use your breath to stretch muscles, improve rib cage mobility and overcome chronic tightness.

BONUS 2: Stomach Vacuum Clinic ($59 value)

The stomach vacuum is an isometric contraction of the TVA (your deepest abdominal muscle).

The stomach vacuum involves breathing out air and maintaining the breathless hold whilst "sucking in" the stomach to engage the TVA. It generates negative pressure in the abdomen.

It will help you get really connected to your diaphragm, TVA and pelvic floor. It’s worth learning because it will help you practice engaging your TVA and deep spinal stabilizing muscles. As a bonus, with daily practice, it will further shrink your waistline and increase your core strength and stability. Plus, it’s a prerequisite for learning Nauli Kriya.

My program takes you through each stage of learning the stomach vacuum

THE CORE SOLUTIONS PROGRAM teaches you my unique approach to learning how to engage and strengthen the pelvic floor & TVA. It’s also the first step to correcting muscle imbalances that contribute to issues ranging from stress incontinence and diastasis recti, to low back pain and mobility restrictions.

Yes, You can heal yourself. You are your own best healer.


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By the end of the Core Solutions Program, you will -

Is all of this possible in just a month? YES! You’ll notice a drastic change after the first week!

The Intent of the Core Solutions Program is to:


How long is the program? Do I get lifetime access? Is it a one time purchase?

Yes, it’s a one-time purchase and you get lifetime access.

It’s a one month program. But as you know, if you don’t use it, you will lose it. That’s why it’s advised to do these workouts and core exercises 3 times a week for years to come. That’s why you have lifetime access to this program! Remember, mastery of the fundamentals is indeed mastery, and that’s why you always see Sara doing the same exercises over and over.

There are lots of bonus units in this program: You can play around with the exercises presented in these units for months and years to come!

What equipment do I need? Can I train at home?

Minimal equipment is required. You can do this program at home (or at a gym).

To do the program as written, you will need:

  • Swiss Ball (mine is 65cm and I'm 5'6")
  • Two 4” firm yoga blocks
  • Glide Discs (or a towel if on the floor, or paper plates if on a rug).
  • Long Foam Roller 36”
  • Click here for my amazon storefront to see the items I use.

But you can still do the program without these items because multiple variations of the exercises are presented

How many workouts a week? How long are the workouts?

There are 3 new follow-along video workouts a week. It’s a 4-week program. The workouts are under 20 minutes.

You are welcome to dabble with the bonus units at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you.

Is it for both women and men?


How do I access it once I purchase it? I cannot log in! Help!

You have immediate access upon purchase. Please log into the website with your login credentials (username and password). This will bring you to the dashboard where you will see the Core Solutions Program. Click to access the program content. If you have any issues logging in, please email

When do I get started?

When would NOW be a good time? 😀

Can your body keep up with what you want to do?

Fix Your Foundational Problems Instead
Of Compensating For Them:

Pain & Injury

  • Move freely without pain
  • Identify and correct the most common causes of pain, injury, and stiffness so you can put an end to painful compensatory patterns.


  • Build functional and balanced strength and mobility by eliminating structural core strength deficits.
  • Build a powerful core to correct related issues such as diastasis recti, lower back pain, anterior pelvic tilt, and proximal hamstring tendinopathy.
  • Eradicate jumping incontinence and painful intercourse by strengthening your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.
  • Build strength from the privacy of your home OR a gym depending on your personal situation and preference.
  • Grow taller and shrink your waist without dieting by correcting compensation patterns.


  • Master your own bodyweight to feel secure in your body, improve your movements, and say goodbye to pain.
  • Improve overall mobility by eliminating structural core strength deficits.
  • Breathe properly so you can better connect to your core and improve your performance.

By improving your deep core structure, stability and strength, you will become a stronger, more mobile, and more confident badass who’s capable of learning pull-ups, push-ups, pistol squats, handstands, splits, back bridges, and other cool specialty skills!

I did it, and here’s how you can too:

Join the Core Solutions Program to build a solid core foundation.

Commit to the 1-Month Plan of 3 new core workouts a week. The training plans are spelled out for you: all you have to do is follow along with Sara’s Core Workout Videos. This removes all the guesswork and excuses. Just show up and get results.

Apply the principles you have learned in this program, continue to do the foundational core exercises 3 times a week, and watch yourself achieve your fitness dream goals! You have lifetime access to this program, so you can revisit the routines and the content at any time.

Get Started with the Core Solutions Program today!

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One-time purchase, lifetime access for priceless results.

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About Me

I am a firm believer in the old saying “live as you preach”, which is why I’ve spent the last 20+ years being committed to leading a healthy lifestyle while working toward personal self-improvement. I approach every client and program journey from both an individual and scientific health perspective rooted in an extensive academic, professional, and athletic background.

I am deeply invested to help others achieve the best version of themselves.

After receiving my first personal training certificate in 1999, I graduated from McGill University with first a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (2001) and then DMD from their faculty of Dentistry (2005); after which I spent 10 years practicing dentistry in Toronto, before finally finding my way back to my fitness passion full time.

I believe in excellence through growth, which is why I’ve continued adding to my original B.Sc in Physical Therapy degree with a range of advanced fitness certifications