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Welcome! I designed this Calorie and Macro Calculator to work perfectly with my "Fat Loss Fast" System! Scroll to the bottom of the post to learn how to make this calculator into an iPhone app.

Nobody knows how many calories you need to eat. The calorie calculator merely provides an educated guess, a starting point. 

I don't recommend daily calorie restriction. I recommend you eat your TDEE. In fact, I don't recommend dieting at all! I'm not a fan of alternate-day fasting or fasting regimens that slash your calories (a.k.a intermittent energy restriction diets); nevertheless, you will see those options on my calculator because it's the ultimate intermittent fasting calculator.

It's a misconception that intermittent fasting means you are starving yourself. Don't confuse intermittent fasting with energy restriction. And don't combine the two either! I advocate intermittent fasting combined with calorie adequacy and strength training: this approach is a sustainable fat loss solution.

I recommend you calculate your TDEE on my calculator. How does this number compare to your current calorie intake? This will help you establish if you need to cut back on "extra junk calories" or if you need to "reverse diet". You will need to reverse diet if the calculator number is >300 calories more than what you are currently eating.

 Please read my Fat Loss Fast System to learn how to use this calculator. You will also learn how to approach:

  • intermittent fasting
  • safe dieting (calorie and carb cycling)
  • reverse dieting (how to add calories and carbs while minimizing fat gain)
  • flexible dieting (i.e. how to establish and track your calories and macros)


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