Week 36

Welcome to Unit 36! 

This is a catch-up unit.

Select whatever you know you need to work on from the previous weeks.


Curing Slow-Learning Blues

Some skill are quite hard to learn and require consistent practice over a long period of time.

That's why I like to make progress collages of myself, like this:

Seeing progress really boosts my confidence. It confirms that I'm moving in the right direction. It makes me feel proud of my hard work and perseverance. It helps me eliminate limiting beliefs I have about myself. This poster is proof that I am capable and that I have what it takes to improve myself. I have a lot of respect for 2018 Sara ... she was willing to be vulnerable. And now the 2021 Sara is getting really good at being vulnerable.

It also confirms that the stronger the TVA becomes, the easier it is for the hips to open. It's not possible to build mobility on an imbalanced body.


Why Videos are Important

I take videos every time I train. My iPhone video camera is my best coach. I assess myself between reps (this represents my rest period). Here is why this is valuable:

  1. it allows for immediate identification of mistakes
  2. it allows me to reflect on my improvements
  3. it hypes me up to try again and do better through self-experimentation
  4. it provides dozens of daily learning experiences. It really trains the eye.
  5. it provides for great "before" videos/photos for progress collages!


Training Practice Mistakes

  1. You don't post your video homework. If you practice and I never see your work, you could be making the same mistakes over and over and building ineffective habits. However, if you get feedback from me, you can make corrections.
  2. You don't video yourself at all, so you never reflect on your training progress. For the members who do reflect daily on their training videos, I notice they learn how to identify mistakes on their own and they immediately ask me for help devising solutions.  That wouldn’t happen if they didn’t reflect on what they did every day. I noticed this also makes them more confident in every stage of their journey. Being vulnerable becomes less scary.



Reflect on your training progress. Look at some of your original videos from 30+ weeks ago. Acknowledge just how far you have come by adding something new to your awesome list! Perhaps even make a before and after collage. I'm so glad I have footage from 2016 and 2017... it makes for EPIC before and after collages.

Here's to celebrating every single aspect of your journey! And remember, showing up to improve yourself is sexy! I'm proud of you for being here!