I have been following Sara for 2 years, and fell in love with her common sense approach to eating. I started Sara's ‪fasting‬ and workout program in March 2014, and I'm confident Sara has started a revolution! Although I could not keep up with her ‪workouts‬ - I did what I could - until I could get through 3 rounds. I must say that I am not the best at exercising consistently, but Sara's short intense workouts are just perfect for my busy life! I also love it because I am aware that weight loss (and gain) is a very emotional thing - sometimes just a bad day can cause a setback - but bad weeks can be devastating - so I don't have to beat myself up while doing IF, because I am in control.
Thank you for what you do - and that you do it so everyone can use it with your, recipes, videos and information all for free! Even your eBooks are affordable ~ and worth much more than the price! Thank you for being an Inspirer of not just hope - but REAL change!
I just turned 42 in November and I am beyond thrilled to say that I feel (and look) better than I did at 22! Thank you for sharing your genius with the world. XOXOXOX"