Protein Powder

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(Delicious Sweet Cream Flavour)
  • Flavour: "sweet cream". It tastes like cake mix!
  • Also comes with an assortment of Health Flavours you can add to your shakes for variety: (strawberry phyto power, banana energy charge, peach complexion care, orange everyday defense, chocolate cardia care)
  • Formulated to maintain lean muscle while helping to burn fat, boost your metabolism, control hunger, improve concentration, provide good nutrition and support heart, digestive and bone health
  • A shake for breakfast can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, curb hunger and provide protein-rich nutrition.


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  • Simply consume the delicious and CONVENIENT shakes twice a day (use Sara’s yummy shake recipes as seen in her “Shakes in Under 60 Seconds” videos) in addition to 4 nutritious portion-controlled meals a day (refer to Sara’s “Food Porn” for meal recipes). That’s right: you eat 6 times a day! Click here to read “Sara’s Sexy Body Recipes: The RULES”.
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