January 2012 Newsletter: Part 1

Happy New Year!

Table of Contents:
  1. Jump Rope
  2. Truestarhealth and the 30/90 day challenge


Announcing the US Army World Fitness Tour “Get Fit...Be Strong” with Olympian Buddy Lee and Dr. Sara Solomon! Sara is Buddy Lee’s newest jump rope ambassador, and will be helping him motivate, educate and encourage young children and adults to get fit and stay fit for life!

Video: Watch Sara and Buddy Jumping Rope.


First confirmed Date: Feb. 9-11th at Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia!

Top 10 Reasons to Jump Rope:

  1. Inexpensive. Only $29.95 compared to a $2000 treadmill.
  2. Portable: you can travel with your jump rope and jump anywhere!
  3. Compact: If you don’t have room for a fancy home cardio studio, then jump rope is your answer.
  4. Time Saver: It burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. In just 10 minutes of jumping at 120 turns per minute, not only do you accomplish a total body workout, but you also burn 150 calories. In fact, just 10 minutes of nonstop jumping at 120 turns per minute provides the same cardiovascular benefits as 30 minutes of jogging.
  5. It tones, shapes and strengthens every muscle in your core, as well as your upper and lower body.
  6. It enhances your dynamic balance, speed, endurance, agility, coordination and concentration.
  7. It burns fat, improves your cardio-respiratory efficiency an minimizes your risk of developing osteoporosis.
  8. It is scientifically proven to cause positive mental, physical and physiological changes in the body in as little as 500 jumps or 5 minutes a day.
  9. Buddy Lee has developed a 4-step system to overcome learning curves and make it easy.
  10. It’s FUN!

Buddy Lee’s Correct Jump Rope Form:

1. Maintain your balance by looking straight ahead

2. Maintain an upright posture

3. Maintain your weight on the balls of your feet

4. Jump only high enough to clear the rope (1” off the ground)

5. Land lightly on the balls of your feet

6. Keep your elbows near your sides.

7. Maintain your elbow joints at a 45 degree angle

8. When turning the rope, make 2” circles with your wrists.

9. Do not sacrifice good form for speed


How to determine correct rope length:

To determine your correct rope length, place one foot on the center of the rope and pull the handles up the sides of your body. If the handles extend beyond your shoulders, the rope is too long. As you become more proficient at jumping, shortening the rope will increase the rope’s rotational speed and improve your reflexes.


Stay tuned for instructional videos in upcoming months.

How to determine correct rope length

NEW!!! Dr. Sara Solomon Cross Speed

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Patented swivel bearing system – turns the rope easily very fast or very slow with a smooth turning motion! This system provides free rotation of the rope cord, with no rope tangle and no rope drag! It will motivate you to learn to jump rope fast, feeling like a pro!

Innovative adjustment – allows the cord to easily be customized to your height in a matter of seconds!

Swivel Bearing Wrench – designed to secure swivel bearings and easily replace them when worn in order to maintain years of high performance!

Replaceable Parts – both cords and swivel bearings are designed for hyperformance rope jumping and are easy to replace!


Announcing Dr. Sara Solomon as the Newest Team Truestar Athlete!


Truestar 30/90 Day Challenge

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Sara on set filming with BodyBreak's Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod!! Stay tuned for the commercial!!


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Best Supplements for Enhanced Jump Rope Performance:

1. TrueENERGY/FUEL: a synergistic blend of guarana, panax ginseng, vitamin B complex, co-enzyme Q10, taurine plus other essential nutrients to help support metabolism, energy levels and to aid the fat-burning mechanisms in the body.

2. TrueEndurance: a unique supplement to increase energy and stamina and assist the body’s adaptation to stress.


Best Supplements for Jump Rope Recovery:

1. TrueRepair: specially formulated to provide support for collagen and muscle synthesis and to assist in the healing process of these important structures by providing targeted antioxidant protection.

2. TrueStrength: a highly absorbable, great-tasting protein supplement to enhance muscle recovery and repair, improve body composition and overall health.

3. TruePower: an innovative and comprehensive sports performance formula created to reduce the health and performance damaging factors that result from intense and vigorous exercise.

4. TrueRenew: a comprehensive formula to help support the musculoskeletal system by providing the building blocks needed for collagen and connective tissue synthesis and muscle repair.


Supplement your Jump Rope Program to Maximize Fat Burn/Weight Loss:

1. TrueLean Extreme: a comprehensive formula that contains Truestar’s Award-winning and Best-Selling multivitamin along with powerful ingredients to weight and body fat loss.

2. TrueCRAVING Control: This potent, unique formulation, contains a synergistic blend of ingredients that have been found to help reduce carbohydrate cravings and curb stress-related eating.

3. TrueCARB Blocker: This potent and unique product contains a synergistic blend of ingredients that have been found to reduce the absorption of starch and fat while also reducing the rise in blood sugars after meals.

4. TrueThermo: a formulation that contains a synergistic blend of ingredients that have been found to assist in enhancing the metabolic rate, improving fat loss and contribute to a healthy body composition.

*Remember that you cannot “out-train” or "out-supplement" a diet of supersized portions. If you want to lose excess body fat and have a healthy body then you will need to eat 5-6 portion-controlled healthy meals every 2-3 hours in addition to exercise, supplementation, adequate sleep and a positive attitude. We can shape our lives by altering our attitude. A good attitude will yield good results. A poor attitude will yield poor results.

Stay tuned for more newsletters and get ready for the highly anticipated release of Dr. Sara Solomon’s evidence-based book which will reveal the precise recipes, training regime and supplementation program she used to shed her stubborn belly fat and become an Oxygen Magazine success story!
For your better health,
Dr. Sara Solomon