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  • Lose fat without feeling hungry, deprived, or miserable.
  • Stop yo-yo dieting. Learn a sustainable solution.
  • Lose fat without following a strict meal plan. You can eat carbs and you don't have to eat small meals every 2 hours.
  • Stop slashing your calories and starving yourself. Learn how to recover from low calorie and low carb diets (i.e. learn how to "reverse diet").
  • Lose fat without plugging away on a treadmill or running endless miles
  • Build muscle and lose fat with a “less is more” approach to exercise

You've Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

workout schedule

Do I need to join a gym to do your workouts? Do I need to buy any special home gym equipment? Are your workouts time-consuming?

The Fat Loss Fast System comes with 2 eight-week workout programs (that’s 4 months’ worth of workouts)! The workouts range from 10 to 40 minutes in length, and you do not have to work out every day of the week. If you want to build muscle, then episodic rest days are crucial.

I recommend you start with my online Calorie-Burning Home Workout program. You follow my workout calendar and do the workouts with me in real time. There are 52 full-length video workouts, ranging from 10 to 35 minutes in length. It requires basic home gym equipment, such as dumbbells, a jump rope, a BOSU ball, kettlebells, a Swiss Ball, resistance bands, and a bench.

Once you have completed the home workout program, you will be ready for my more challenging online Muscle-Building Gym workout program. This bodybuilding program requires a training facility and is ideal for beginners. You will learn how to use the machines found in a commercial gym. It comes with a printable 8-week program and 40+ exercise demonstration videos.

Gym Program For Beginners

My body stopped responding to dieting and exercising. Not even extra cardio or low carb diets work. Will your system work?

Crash dieting is less likely to yield results, especially after a history of failed diet attempts. In fact, it will probably do more harm than good. You’ve come to the right place because I will give you a scientifically proven diet and exercise system that will get your metabolism back on track (you will learn how to "reverse diet"). You won’t have to follow a daily calorie or carb restricted diet, nor will you have to plug away on the elliptical or treadmill to get results. That’s why it’s possible to get results and maintain them … because you don’t have to do anything extreme to get them.

Muscle Building Programs

I see so many other diet programs out there? What makes yours different?

Most diet programs are low-carb meal plans consisting of 6 portion-controlled meals per day that leave you feeling hungry. I competed 9 times in fitness competitions following these types of diets, and the end result was food obsession, binge eating, a slower metabolism and weight gain. I became the ultimate yo-yo dieter. I couldn’t lose fat anymore no matter how hard I tried! Frustrated, I decided to hit the books and spent 2 years devising an evidence-based system that restored my metabolic capacity and my passion for fitness. My system is called the Fat Loss Fast System and it outsmarts dieting, which is why you are able to get results and maintain them. My home workouts are quick and my dieting strategy allows you to eat big portions, and even indulge in chocolate...and still lose fat! My philosophy is minimum effective dose to get and maintain results.

People relate to me because I am very transparent about my struggles with fat loss and portion control. That's why I devoted 2 years of my life to creating a system that would allow me to defy my genetics and live lean without feeling tormented by food choices, portion sizes or hunger. My Fat Loss Fast System has worked for me since 2012 (and no other diet has ever given me lasting results), and it has worked for over 10,000 of my loyal customers. So if you don’t want to eat tiny portions of fish and broccoli and you want to eat bread, then this diet is for you.

Best Weight Loss Program

I feel deprived and hungry following strict meal plans consisting of low calories, tiny portions, low carbs and no cheat meals. I also don’t have time to prepare all my meals in advance. Will your system subject me to this?

With my system, it’s possible to lose fat without having to go on a daily calorie restricted low carb diet. My system allows carbs, cheat meals, and big portions. You can eat chocolate and pizza and still make progress without feeling guilty. I will teach you how to meet your daily calorie and nutrient requirements without having to follow a meal plan. All of my recipes are quick and easy to make, so you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking your meals in advance. With my system, you won’t have to put your life on pause to eat every 2 hours, and you won’t have to carry your meals in a portable cooler.

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get

45 Day Workout Program

The Fat Loss Fast System comes with a nutrition & workout program

Nutrition PROGRAM

I call my nutrition program the Fat Loss Fast System. It's not a diet. I'm not a fan of diets because they don't work. The purpose of my Fat Loss Fast System is to teach you sustainable solutions so you'll never have to go on a diet or follow a meal plan again. My evidence-based system debunks all the myths surrounding fat loss and intermittent fasting and is supported by over 250 published articles and scientific studies.

•You will immediately learn when, what and how much to eat.
•You will learn the principles of intermittent fasting and flexible dieting
•You will learn how to establish if you are not eating enough calories and if you need to reverse diet.
•You will learn how to structure your diet to suit your eating personality, schedule, goals and workouts.
•You will learn how to include discretionary calories (i.e. treats) into your diet without feeling guilty.
•You will learn how intermittent fasting can improve your health, increase your energy levels and promote fat loss without slowing down your metabolism or catabolizing your muscle.


You will not have to do meal prep, buy special food, or stop everything you are doing to eat every 2 hours. This will free up your schedule so you can be more productive at work and spend more time with your family.


Watch the pounds fall off without starving yourself! You will achieve appetite satisfaction.


You will get grocery lists of all the food items used in my recipes.


You will learn why should not cut your calories. If you still insist on dieting, then you will learn how to protect your metabolic rate when dieting for fat loss. You will also learn how to "reverse diet" (i.e. how to recover from years of low calorie dieting) so you can improve your metabolic capacity and eat a healthy amount of calories.


Most diets fail because they monopolize your schedule and force you to defy your eating personality. The Fat Loss Fast System works over the long haul because you learn how to approach eating in a way that compliments your eating personality and schedule.


Yes! Carbs are allowed! In fact, you’ll learn the importance of carb refeeds and carb backloading.


You will learn all the reasons why you have struggled to lose fat up until now. Then I’ll teach you easy ways to finally blast your stubborn fat.


You will eat healthy most of the time, but you can still indulge in your favourite foods on a daily basis, including popcorn, chocolate, cereal and bread! You can also eat in restaurants.


Learn which supplements you should take and why.


I will teach you how to approach calorie and carb cycling so that it fuels your workouts. You will learn exactly how to use my “Calorie and Macro Calculator”. You will also learn when and how to approach exercising.


You will get step-by-step guidance through my daily calories, macros and food so you can see what actually works with this lifestyle. Learn how I track my calories and macros using a mobile app. You will also get my travel and restaurant guide.


Get over 65 of my satiety-promoting recipes. They are quick and easy to make, and include photos and nutritional information. You get a variety of yummy options including high carb, low carb, low calorie and negligible calorie recipes. Examples include Shepherd’s Pie, Bison Mushroom Onion Burgers and Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. Vegetarians and vegans can easily swap ingredients.


The workout program consists of 2 eight-week training programs.
That gives you over 4 months worth of workouts!

Calorie-Burning Home Workouts

Get online access to 52 of my high intensity home workout circuits organized into a workout calendar. These are full-length workout videos, and I do the workouts with you to keep you motivated. You will burn maximum calories in minimum time, improve your level of fitness and become familiarized with resistance training. The workouts range from 10 to 35 minutes in length. You will also learn how to use a heart rate monitor to help you get the most out of your HIIT cardio workouts.

Muscle-Building Gym Workouts

Get online access to 8 weeks of high intensity progressive resistance workouts (printable program). This 8-week gym program will help you build muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn, even when you are sleeping. Muscle is good! You will get access to over 40 exercise demonstration videos, multiple advanced training techniques, and a calorie and carb cycling program. Printable training logs are provided. This bodybuilding program requires a training facility and is ideal for beginners. You will learn how to use the machines found in a commercial gym.


Kiss long and boring sessions on the treadmill and elliptical goodbye and look leaner than ever before!


My philosophy is "minimum effective dose to get and maintain results.” You will rock a lean body 365 days a year because my system is progressive and it doesn't monopolize your schedule.


You can only burn so many calories during your workout. If you want to shed stubborn fat, you also need to torch calories when you are not working out (i.e. when you are sitting at your computer and sleeping). Both of my workout programs will boost your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn calories all day long. My Home Workout Circuits will jack up your heart rate and keep your metabolic rate charged for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished your last rep. My Muscle-Building Gym program has you lifting weights, which like HIIT, raises your metabolism long after you’ve finished. And the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you will burn at rest (which means you can get away with eating more calories without gaining fat!).


My 4 month workout program is a progressive training program that will help you build muscle and burn fat. By lifting weights, you will be able to build your booty and show off your sculpted curves


When I first started training, I had no idea what to do, and felt too self-conscious to exercise in front of people. The beauty of my home workout program is that you train with me in the privacy of your own home. Just play the video and I’ll do the workout with you. My gym program will give you the confidence to walk into a gym and feel like you own it. I have written all your workouts for you and I provide you with exercise demonstration videos so you will know how to adjust the equipment, select your weights and perform the exercises. You’ll also gain confidence because your body will transform and you will look and feel great!


You don’t have to be an experienced exerciser to do my workouts. All you need is the willingness to commit. I recommend you start with my home workout conditioning program (which offers many substitution exercises). Think of it as your starting point. It’s a home workout program, so you don’t have to feel worried about people watching you. Once you’ve laid down the foundation, take your results to the next level with my muscle-building gym program.


The home workout program consists of full-length video workouts. It requires basic home gym equipment, such as dumbbells, a jump rope, a BOSU ball, kettlebells, a Swiss Ball, resistance bands and a bench. The gym program is a written program requiring a training facility.


You will work harder, not longer during my workouts. My workouts range from 10 to 40 minutes in length, and you won't have to work out every day of the week. In fact, rest days are crucial if you want to build muscle.


  • You won’t be hungry
  • You will be in control of food, instead of food controlling you
  • You’ll be more productive because you have more free time during the day
  • You can easily maintain your results 365 days a year
  • You can eat in restaurants
  • Your meals have more calories than ever before
  • Your portions make you feel full
  • You can eat foods that were previously demonized on “6 meal a day” regimes
  • You can eat carbs at night
  • You can eat freshly made food
  • You barely spend time in the kitchen cooking anymore
  • You have control over food, rather than food having control over you
  • Your mood is much better
  • You have more energy and focus
  • You rarely catch colds or get the flu anymore
  • You don’t have to do slow boring cardio
  • You don’t have to spend hours working out every day
  • You will build muscle, which will make your body better at burning fat
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Hello! I'm Dr. Sara Solomon. I'm a Bodybuilding.com and BSN sponsored athlete.

I used to compete in PRO fitness and bikini competitions, so I know firsthand how dangerous it can be to tie your happiness to an aesthetic outcome that requires a lot of strict dieting and exercising to attain and maintain. That's why I'm NOT a fan of dieting. Dieting is not sustainable. Quite frankly, it's miserable. That's why I created the Fat Loss Fast System. It's not a cookie-cutter method that you follow for 6 weeks. Rather, it's a sustainable approach to your lifetime nutrition. My Fat Loss Fast System completely changed my life. I'm honoured to have this platform ... It's my mission to help other women (and men too!) stop slashing their calories. I want to teach people how to make food their ally instead of their foe. I want to teach them how to stop dieting so they can enjoy food AND reach their aesthetic and performance goals.

I have degrees from McGill University in dentistry (DMD, 2005) and physical therapy (B.Sc. PT, 2001). I'm a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer with a CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certificate, ACE personal trainer, NASM fitness nutrition specialist, Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor and a certified level 2 Buddy Lee Jump Rope trainer and ambassador. I'm known for my love of jump rope, and my signature pink Buddy Lee Jump Rope.

p.s. I'm a cat-lover! I have 2 siamese cats named Bean and Coco.




"My body stopped responding to calorie-restricted low carb meal plans and lengthy cardio workouts. I just couldn’t lose fat anymore. I was exhausted from overtraining and constantly bingeing from hunger. That’s why I created the Fat Loss Fast System in 2012. Thanks to my Fat Loss Fast System, I was able to effortlessly lose over 10 pounds. I can eat big portions until I’m full, I can eat carbs at night and I can even have chocolate! I’m no longer a slave to cardio or meal plans. I’ve been able to maintain my results since 2012 and am proud to share my life changing Fat Lost Fast System with so many people around the world.”

Dr. Sara Solomon


"I started using Sara's Fat Loss Fast System in 2013 and it has been the easiest fat loss and workout system to maintain. I lost 24.8 pounds (and have kept it off) using Sara’s diet and home workout program. I actually look forward to it every day. I'm not perfect. I do not eat healthy all the time. Heck, most weekends I probably over eat. But you have to live!! That's why I love this system because it allows me to do that! Sara has given us the tools to succeed. I'm a lifer!"

Tammy Walsh


"I first stumbled upon Sara in 2013 and fell in love with her common sense approach to eating. I started Sara's Fat Loss Fast System and her home workout program in March 2014, and have lost 70 pounds. I'm confident Sara has started a revolution!"



"The Fat Loss Fast System changed my life. I am no longer starving myself on 1200 calories of lean proteins and veggies. I have been able eat in restaurants and have chocolate without hindering my progress! I am also no longer doing meal prep or carrying a cooler with 6 meals. My husband was shocked I was eating my chocolate truffles and french fries while still making progress! So shocked that he started doing your Fat Loss Fast System too! My husband is now telling his co-workers about my progress and has referred them to your site and suggested purchasing your Fat Loss Fast System. Thank you again for everything and for being so real! I hope my results with your diet and workout system can inspire other women, who like me, focus too much on the scale and get discouraged easily."

Taren Terrilll


"I have made a lot of progress since starting Sara's Fat Loss Fast System in 2015. I have been successful in losing weight, gaining muscle, and leaning out. I recently placed third in my first Women's Physique show. The judges like my symmetry and mass levels. I am eating WAAAAYYYY more calories than what I used to. Prior to starting Sara's Fat Loss Fast System, I used to eat only 1200 calories per day, distributed over 6 meals, eaten every 2-3 hours. I was literally starving to death and acquiring a pot belly too!!! I tried and failed so many times, and just ended up gaining more weight. Plus it was too challenging to eat all the time with my busy law career."

Jo Lorio


"Thanks for getting me off the bulking and cutting merry-go-round. I'm now in the best shape of my life every day of the year thanks to your Fat Loss Fast System! I lost 42 pounds at 44 years of age and 12% body fat in 12 weeks. I didn’t have to starve myself or do hours of cardio a day. I have been able to maintain my results because I didn’t do anything insane to get them."

John Spinazzola


"Conventional diets have never worked for me. I am only 5'1" and felt starved on diet calories. Sara's Fat Loss Fast System works great because it outsmarts dieting. I have a young baby at home, so the home workouts are ideal."

Sara Young


"Hi Sara, I'm sending these photos to you as a result of your cyber leadership, mentoring, and inspiration to me...I found you on Bodybuilding.com, and have followed your nutritional and workout philosophy ever since. I found that your Fat Loss Fast System was the catalyst to seeing huge changes in my physique...just wanted to share my progress with you and the other readers so they know that it really does work...if you don't quit!"



"Dr. Sara, I cannot thank you enough for sharing the science behind what it takes to achieve fat loss. After having given birth for the third time, I am in the best shape of my life at 48 years of age, all thanks to your Fat Loss Fast System and your time-saving home workouts!”

Dr. Suzanne Solomon-Hollander

When you get my Fat Loss Fast System,
you also get these 4 amazing bonus offers!


Free Bonus


These special dessert recipe e-books are for people who love to eat big portions! If you make one of my desserts, you can eat the whole thing! No guilt, just pure pleasure! They are low calorie, low sugar, very delicious and high in protein. Oh, and did I mention the portions are big?! You are cheating the cheat! Every recipe features photographs, step-by-step directions and nutritional information. Anyone can make the recipes. They're quick and easy!


Free Bonus


Jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts you can do. It’s also fun to practice! It puts little pressure on your joints and you won’t feel achy and overworked like many other cardio workouts do to you. I’ve become a jump rope expert and learned from an Olympian on the best technique for jumping rope. Jumping rope is one of my favourite workouts that keeps me lean all year round. I’ll give you a 4-day video course so you can master the art of the jump rope training.


Free Bonus


I call the group of amazing people who follow my Fat Loss Fast System, TeamSS. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing YOU succeed! You will get exclusive access to the TeamSS VIP Facebook Group. Not only will you get daily access to me, but you will also get exercise motivation and recipes from the rest of the team. To get a sneak peek of my incredible team, follow my @OfficialTeamSS Instagram.



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