*watch the video to see their remarkable before and after photos!
"Sara - I have been doing your program for 8 months!  And I still love it!  I've tried every protocol from 16/8, to 20/4 and even modified ADF.  16/8 is the best fit for my lifestyle!  I like eating 2-3 big meals and being done for the day!  Fasting is so simple and makes me feel wonderful.   Best lifestyle ever because I can still enjoy things like wine and sweets!  Plus your workouts are amazing!  Thank you again for changing my life”  
"Sara - Thank you so much! I'm getting my life back! I weighed 164 pounds before starting your program. Today (39 days later), I’m 146 pounds!  I have never felt this great - not just the weight loss but NOTHING hurts and I sleep like a baby!"
"I bought Sara's e-books, joined her website and listened to all the available webinars and podcasts. The information made so much sense and it was simple & refreshing.  Being on maternity leave with my second child and being able to get intense short workouts done just by logging into her site was fail proof. After 2 months of intermittent fasting and working out about 5 days a week I was down 17 lbs.  This is not a gimmick. It's backed up by science and proven to work. Best part is no food is off limits! I highly recommend this fitness lifestyle for anyone, beginner or athlete.  Thank you Sara for being so honest, open & inspirational. I can't wait to continue improving my overall health with you.”
"I bought your 6 Day Kickstart Program in June 2015. I've lost FAT from all over my body. I've come down on the scale a good amount, but where you can really see it is in how my clothes fit. Everything is looser in all the right places. It is now month 2, and my body composition is still changing steadily. I can tell because my obliques are starting to show..and not just when I'm bloat free in the morning. My trouble zone is my belly, and I'm determined to lose it so I'm in with IF (16/8) for the long haul. I'm super grateful that you've taken the time to share this with the world. You're making it a more beautiful place one fatty pound at a time."
"How exciting to share this with you and I feel like I'm just getting started. 
I have struggled with my weigh for many years, I would lose a bunch of weight and then eventually it would come back. Finally with Intermittent Fasting (and more specifically, modified Alternate-Day Fasting), I feel free. I'm no longer hungry all the time and I’m not obsessed with eating every couple hours. So I read all your “Fat Loss Fast” e-books and decided to start.  WITHOUT FEELING RESTRICTED, the weight has managed to come off! 16 pounds in 3 months. I have had cheat days for parties on the weekends, so I haven't been perfect, but the consistency had been easy because I don't fee deprived! I'm shooting for another 16lbs by the end of the year! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story, for being relatable (as a woman, because I'm defiantly not a fitness model, LOL), and funny! You are doing something wonderful that is changing people's lives."  
"Hi Sara, I'm sending these photos to you as a result of your cyber leadership, mentoring,and inspiration to me...I found you on Bodybuilding.com, and have followed your philosophy ever since...I found that your intermittent fasting protocol was the catalyst to seeing huge changes in my physique...just wanted to share my progress with you and the other readers so they know that it really does work...if you don't quit."
"My name is Derek, and I've always been in shape. However, after opening my own fitness studio 2 years ago, frequent eating was no longer possible with my busy schedule. When I turned 39 I vowed to get back into the best shape of my life. My buddy who competes and trains bodybuilders told me to check out Sara Solomon for info on intermittent fasting. I was sold after 2 weeks when I started to rapidly lean out. Following her advice with the BCAA's pre, during and post workout instead of a protein shake caused me to dramatically decrease my body fat!  To me this is no longer a diet, but an eating plan I will stick to. I feel less bloated, more energy, leaner and stronger. I get to enjoy my food and stay ripped! Thanks!"
"Like most of the stories in your book, I have been working out for years and following the "every two to three hour eating protocol". No matter how hard I worked out or restricted my calories, my weight would not go lower than 130 lbs. I am 38 years old and 5'2. When I started the 16/8 protocol, I was 128 pounds. Six weeks later, I am 122 pounds and have also lost an inch off my chest, waist, arms and thighs! This is Awesome….  I love how I feel and on top of that I LOVE how I look! This is my new way of living."
"Here I am, "after the after". I started following Sara's "Fat Loss Fast" System over a year ago starting with 16/8, and then transitioned to modified alternate-day fasting (ADF).  Following Sara's "flexible fasting" approach to modified ADF I feel leaner than ever and I will be 48 in a few months. I've maintained my weight without sacrificing my workouts which still include CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, traditional weight training, HiiT, jumprope and even spinning!  I also feel stronger than ever! After learning and then consistently practicing the theory of the FLF system, I'm at a point where I no longer meticulously track my food intake, I no longer demonize foods I once restricted myself from enjoying.  I even eat popcorn and bread! This approach has been key to my maintenance. My mind feels relaxed and I actually enjoy food instead of feeling guilty. I feel confidant in my personal choice of following this modified plan and my metabolism is still going strong! Thanks to Sara and her support I am finally free from the burden of yo-yo dieting."  
“Your workouts are working a little too well. Was at Disney World Magic Kindom and even though I was wearing my belt, my jeans kept falling off!!  Not joking, since we were running around the park so much, I kept having to pull my pants back up (from my knees…..I’m not exaggerating!).  Luckily, I had a backpack and tied the straps to my belt loops to keep them up.  I lost almost 15 lbs already. p.s. My dog barks at Taz when I do your workouts! lol!  Thank you so much!!"
"I'd like to thank Sara from the bottom of my heart. I have made a lot of progress since starting her system 6 months ago. I carry my weight in my midsection (see my before photo), so I'm thrilled I'm starting to get definition in my abs! I'm very proud to say that I have been successful in losing weight, gaining muscle, and leaning out. I recently placed third in my first Women's Physique show. The judges like my symmetry and mass levels. Fasting works! You can see from the side view in my photo that obviously my muscle isn't disappearing! I am eating WAAAAYYYY more calories than what I used to. 
It isn't any wonder I wasn't losing weight prior to starting Sara's program. I used to eat only 1200 calories per day, distributed over 6 meals, eaten every 2-3 hours. I was literally starving to death and acquiring a pot belly too!!! I tried and failed so many times, and just ended up gaining more weight. Plus it was too challenging to eat all the time with my busy career.
Nowadays, I'm not irritable or hungry, and I used modified Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) for this AFTER photo. I'm so impressed with the results I have accomplished. I eat healthier because I now have the tools to make all kinds of delicious protein-packed desserts. I ate generally healthy before, but I had a cookie vice & stress eating problem.
2014 was the year I saw Sara's program. I was a little skeptical and tried a little bit here and there. August 2014 is when I decided to make the leap. I initially started only the fasting protocols from Sara's program, but I soon discovered her home workouts. I can do them just about ANYWHERE. I dove in further, and bought all 3 e-books. I had such great success that I bought her Jump Rope and premium content.  
My goal is to compete in Women's Physique, and Sara's system has helped me torch quite a bit of fat. I would recommend her fasting methods to everyone. Its so easy!!! She's a Dentist. I'm a Lawyer. If we can do it, anyone can do it!" 
~Jo Barrett
“Conventional diets have never worked for me. I am only 5'1" and felt starved on diet calories. Modified Alternate-Day Fasting works great since I only have to diet three days out of the week.”
~Sara Young
"Been doing IF for awhile but really recalculated and got really serious after the new year.....Started January 1 and have been really serious with workouts and eating and I can't believe the transformation already. Started at 125 and now down at 120 and my abs have never been so cut and I'm loving every minute of it!!!! My husband loves them too. Thank you Sara for everything you have taught me and everyone else here doing you're Fat Loss Fast program. You are the reason I look like this and I LOVE IT!!!!  It is so easy and you get get results"
~Tahra Faircloth
"I started following Sara's "Fat Loss Fast" System in November 2013 and dipped my toes in the IF waters, which helped me maintain my weight (for the first time in YEARS after struggling with disordered eating) until I found out I was pregnant in January 2014. I gained 60 lbs (YIKES) during my pregnancy but gave birth to a handsome and healthy 9lb 1oz baby boy on September 26, 2014. In late December, I got permission from my doctor to start following the 16/8 protocol (with enough calories to maintain my supply of breastmilk) and since then, I have lost an additional 8lbs!! I've noticed my muscles are beginning to make their appearance again :) Best part is, I have FINALLY gotten rid of my "all or nothing" thinking and am able to eat the foods I love and crave while sticking to the plan!!"
~Megan Botelho
"I never thought of myself as having a weight problem per se, but I was never happy with my body. Through the years I've tried every diet (even extreme ones), to no avail. I would lose 20 lbs and regain, the cycle just repeated itself until I started following Sara's "Fat Loss Fast" System of Intermittent Fasting, Flexible Dieting and HiiT workouts. I've been fasting for a year now and couldn't be happier with my results. I'm no longer a yo-yo dieter and I feel healthier over all. Not to mention I'm getting lean while gaining muscle! The best part for me has been recently getting through the holiday times without gaining one pound! Believe me I didn't deprive myself at all. I enjoyed all of the festive meals and treats just like everyone else. I credit Sara's "Flexible Fasting" approach. I don't stress about food. I don't obsess about the scale. I just live happily. If you've ever thought about trying intermittent fasting but thought you couldn't do it, believe me you can! ... especially with Sara's guidance through her e-books and website members' section".
~Jodie Stephens-Quintero
"Well......it's been an amazing year!!! This month, I am celebrating one year since I lost all my weight using Sara's "Fat Loss Fast" system! And in February, it will be a year since starting modified Alternate-Day Fasting (ADF)! I can't believe the progress I've experienced. The after pic was taken immediately AFTER the holidays! You really can MAINTAIN this 365 days of the year! I am proof!! Thank you so much Sara for creating such an amazing system!!" 
~Tammy Walsh
“The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but rising again after you fall.” - Vince Lombardi. This is one of my favorite quotes because one of the toughest things for me after I fell off the maintenance wagon was getting back on. I first started Alternate-Day Fasting (ADF) on April 1, 2013 and by August I had lost 20 pounds and hit my goal weight. That was when I stumbled across Sara’s website and really started making changes for the better! Sara’s "Fat Loss Fast" system made me leaner than I have ever been in my entire life. I was ecstatic and maintenance was a breeze. Insert May 2014 when I fell off the wagon. I first want to say that my falling off the wagon had absolutely nothing to do with what protocol I was doing. I fell under quite a bit of stress and unfortunately for me, I am a stress eater. If anything goes wrong in my life I tend to turn to sweets because they make me feel better. Needless to say, I gained back about 10 pounds over the course of about two months. I became really disappointed in myself because I had been maintaining (and making small gains) so easily for 9 months and I discovered that getting back into the swing of things was tougher than actual dieting itself. I tried about every protocol and put way too much thought into it. When I finally relaxed my approach and incorporated the "Flexible Fasting" Sara has been talking about at DrSaraSolomon.com, the weight finally started to come off and it is now easy again. So easy that I did not gain a single pound over the holidays!! I have to admit I was reluctant to share my new after picture with Sara and all of you because I am not yet back to my best. However, I have much to be thankful for because I am still in a much better place both mentally and physically than when I very first started my journey and I have Sara to thank for that."
~Sara Young


"I’m shrinking! Down 23 pounds in 12 weeks and still losing! WHAT!?!? Yes and even though I refer to this as ‘a diet,’ it’s definitely not. It’s a way of life and one that I will continue to follow for years to come. In Dr. Sara Solomon’s words, “I’ve out-smarted dieting!” I’m 36, a wife, and mother of two boys. Failing at previous diets and exercise programs, I had myself convinced that my metabolism had slowed-down because of my age. I felt doomed to gain more weight in the coming years of growing older. Then I found Dr. Sara Solomon, she was my last-ditch effort to feel good about myself. Her HiiT workouts, as well as her flexible dieting and fasting methods helped me get through the holidays and still lose weight! I love that I can incorporate my daily chocolate addiction (everything’s better with chocolate, right?)! Not to mention a little wine once in a while too! Previous diets that had me feeling deprived and wanting to binge, but with this one I get extremely full and sometimes can’t eat it all (crazy, but true). I have tons of energy now! I love that Sara is personally involved with her online VIP support group; she continues to add new material to her online members' section on her website and is absolutely hilarious which makes it a super-fun! I can’t thank you enough Dr. Sara Solomon, for all your research and your extensive knowledge that you so generously share with everyone, it’s priceless! I truly feel honored and blessed to have found you! Thanks again Dr. Sara"



"Sara, I wanted to share my one month progress using your system. I bought the Fast Loss Fast 1 e-book and am hoping to purchase FLF 2 sometime soon and I want to say thank you! This is the first time in my life I feel confident while eating "normal" by normal I mean I am not starving myself on 1200 calories by eating nothing but lean proteins and veggies. I have been able to go out to eat and have my chocolate without hindering my progress! For the first time I don't spend more time feeling guilty about eating one small piece of candy or the wrong fruits than what was on my original meal plan. I am also no longer toting around cold meals and feeling miserable. I started your system and my husband was shocked that I was eating my Lindor truffles and fries from Chik-Fil-A while still making progress! So shocked that he started doing your system as well! After only 1 month of doing your system, I put on 4 lbs of muscle and went down 3% body fat! My husband is now telling his co-workers about my progress and has referred them to your site and suggested purchasing your e-books. I can't begin to tell you how freeing it is being able to eat with my family and not have to eat a separate meal for fear of getting fatter. Thank you again for everything and for being so real! I hope my results can inspire other women, who like me, focus too much on the scale and get discouraged easily."

~Taren Terrill


"I’ve been doing Dr. Sara Solomon’s Program of Intermittent Fasting and her HIIT workouts for over a year now. I honestly don’t know where to begin to tell you how much this has changed my life. I get emotional writing about it. I have lost over 40 pounds. I have gained some major, muscle and tone and I am the healthiest I have ever felt in my life. My endurance is amazing. I love to jump my Dr. Sara Solomon jump rope I and do it every day. I’m mentally clearer, sharper and my energy is crazy. The program truly works and I am living proof of it. I have purchased Dr. Sara’s E Books and Recipe Books and they are invaluable tools that I refer to all the time. I have tried other programs and methods to lose weight in the past and have never achieved near the results that I have with Dr. Sara Solomon’s program. For me this is a maintainable, 365 day a year lifestyle. It is a scientific approach that really works. I eat more and healthier than I ever have, I never feel deprived and I look forward to the workouts. It’s just so incredible when you start to see your body changing. I am amazed at how far I have come, especially when I look back at photographs from a year ago. My personal physician is so happy when she sees how my health and body have completely changed in such a positive way because of Dr. Sara’s Program. If you’re on the fence and wondering if Dr. Sara’s Program works; I’m here to tell you it truly does! My only regret is not starting it sooner! We all have personal challenges; mine were a spinal fusion, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and depression. Since I’ve been doing Dr. Sara’s program and consulting my physician, I am no longer on medication for depression and only take the thyroid replacement that my physician has prescribed. The weight I have lost and strength and coordination I have gained has made it possible for me to excel at one of my favorite activities; which is the jump rope. My back surgeon is blown away when he sees how far I have come. I certainly could not jump the way I do carrying those extra 40 pounds. Yes, I am that very happy woman you see jumping now and then on Dr. Sara’s Site. I know some of the people that have been around remember me, but the newbies will be as shocked as I am to see my before and after images. I am going to be 49 in March; (don’t tell anyone), and I plan to keep kicking butt! So go out and get Dr. Sara’s program and don’t let anything hold you back. In closing, I like to say that it is with the upmost respect and gratitude that I want to thank Dr. Sara Solomon for the tremendous amount of research and work she has put forth to create this awesome and life changing program. It has truly changed my life for the best and I highly recommend her program!"

~Emmie Pehush 

"First, I'd like to say THANK YOU so very much for putting together so much great information on fasting. I really appreciate that you did your research and took time to share and make it into something busy professionals can eat up and follow. Your plan has worked so well for me because I am a night eater. I watched some of your videos and read what you had to say, and I found myself nodding and thinking to myself, "I can sooooo relate, Sara." I could eat all day or not, and it wouldn't matter. Every night I'd be hungry and eat more than I should. It would thwart my results regardless of the fact it was usually protein or veggie-based snacking. I also tried the 6 meal per day routine, but I still found it a struggle at night to not eat too much. I'm a practicing attorney, and let's face it, I can't whip out food in the middle of a big meeting to keep a schedule, but BCAA's I can easily incorporate into my schedule. I have been very frustrated over the last couple years in my fitness journey with all the dieting only to gain the weight back as soon as I go back to my "normal" habits, which weren't that bad to begin with. I don't even eat fast food. Still, like you, I demonized so many foods and would eventually just lose the desire to pursue a toned physique after months of strict dieting with little to no results all while watching my friends eat food in front of me I wished I could just have a bite of. I am so proud to say that I weigh 135 lbs today. It sounds like a lot for a 5'2" person until you see my photos. The mirror is what I watch now! I was always stocky from gymnastics, baseball (yes, baseball), color guard, track and field, and basketball. No matter how strong I got, I always had a belly. Ever since I started your program, the results have been better and better. I have more freedom, discovered Quest Bars, and can stuff my face with all my daily calories in the evening when I am my hungriest. I'm not hungry all the time, and more importantly, I'm not HANGRY. I came across your program while searching in frustration desperately for something that would be a long term solution and help me look great on my wedding and honeymoon. I didn't want that pesky pooch on my special day, but it has always been the thing that wouldn't leave. I'm proud to say that since purchasing your books, I have changed my body composition completely. I will compete in my first NPC Women's Figure Competition December 6, 2014, as my practice for the Phil Heath in March. Your Fat Loss Fast System has made a long-time goal of competing a reality for me, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me obtain a healthy relationship with both myself and with food. Now all that's left is to let the judges decide if I'm better suited for figure or physique. Wish me luck! Best,
~Jo Lorio
"I'm Gisselle. I am 22 yrs old, single mom of one amazing 4yr old, full time student, business owner and intermittent faster! I started intermittent fasting in July 2014 for the standard reasons; fat loss and energy increase but I got extra. The fat loss happened (15 lbs gone!) my energy levels increased but best of all my acne cleared up. In my pictures you can't really tell but I have had a dramatic change in the health of my skin. With stress from my personal life & school, my body and mind suffered. Through my lifestyle change, I feel in control of my life and I have real goals. My new goal is to do alternate-day fasting and compete this coming year. I know I can make it happen with the support of the amazing group of people that have come together in Sara's fitness Facebook group and the guidance from Sara's website and e-Books. I am truly grateful for all of Sara's hard work because she helped me find my true self."
~Gisselle Flores
"I've been working hard in the gym for the past 7 years through two pregnancies and while raising my three kids. I felt like despite my hard work I was not seeing the progress I wanted - muscle definition and the disappearance of stubborn fat. I came across one of Sara's videos and she grabbed me with her personality, sense of humor and abs!  Fasting is only scary in name - not in execution! I was shocked to see this much progress in only 4 weeks most of which I spent reading the e-books and figuring out how to keep my macros within limits. Sara's suggested grocery list helped me tremendously with that. I am excited to see my body change even more in the weeks ahead! A huge thank you to Dr. Sara Solomon!"
~Stefana Silber
"It's been 1.5 years since I started my fitness journey and 6 months since I started IF. Definitely made progress, but IF gave me the edge and the simplicity to achieve my goals. Thank you Sara Solomon!"
~Candace Thomson 
"I wanted to take a moment and thank Dr. Sara Solomon for developing this system which works. In doing IF 16/8 I have lost 7 lbs, and inches all over since October 2014, but more importantly gained peace of mind. I came across IF in October after gaining weight over the Summer. I have always been a binge eater and this past year has been particularly hard and filled with loss. I decided I needed to take a step back and, at 44, start taking better care of myself. The fitness aspect of my life has never been an issue. I am a group exercise instructor and love working out with a passion. My issue was abusing food and using it to avoid feeling rather than to fuel. That all changed when I joined a Dietbet challenge and Dr. Sara came into my life. Aside from her incredible personality, her vast knowledge on the who, what, where, when and why's of eating and exercising were incredible. She had been where I was and understood the physical reasons why my body was not working properly. I absorbed all of her free information, but when I bought her ebooks it all came full circle. I intend to make this a lifestyle choice forever because it works for me. Thank you so much. Grateful and healthy"
~Neva Colella
"I have been following Sara for 2 years, and fell in love with her common sense approach to eating. I lost 27 pounds between January 2013 and 2014 following a cleanse program, but regained 13 pounds I started Sara's fasting and workout program in March 2014, and I'm confident Sara has started a revolution! Although I could not keep up with her workouts - so I did what I could - until I could get through 3 rounds. I must say that I am not the best at exercising consistently, but Sara's short intense workouts are just perfect for my busy life! I also love it because I am aware that weight loss (and gain) is a very emotional thing - sometimes just a bad day can cause a setback - but bad weeks can be devastating - so I don't have to beat myself up while doing IF, because I am in control.
Thank you for what you do - and that you do it so everyone can use it with your recipes, videos and information all for free! Even your e-Books are affordable ~ and worth much more than the price! Thank you for being an Inspirer of not just hope - but REAL change!
I just turned 42 in November and I am beyond thrilled to say that I feel (and look) better than I did at 22! Thank you for sharing your genius with the world. XOXOXOX"
~Justine Samuell Carey
"After several months with 5-6 meals a day, I felt desperate because I knew I can't do this for the rest of my life and that's when I found Sara and her IF program. Intermittent Fasting definitely opened my eyes! I used to be so obsessed with food and food used to control my entire day. I was hungry all the time and counted every minute till I can eat again! IF is so easy and I can't believe that I used to think that if I miss my meal, my metabolism slows down and I faint, and all the Broscience. IF is definitely the way to go for me and I can't wait for the next after picture!"
~Marie Ciprova
"Ok where do I start, I have been up, down and everywhere in between. I have tried every diet imaginable but couldn't keep the weight off. This last year has been tough for me. My daily migraines that I have had for over a decade went from bad to debilitating. I was barely getting through the work day let alone able to get through a workout. The weight crept back up and before I knew it I was unable to fit in my scrubs. After trying several medications my headaches are some what under control now. I was determined to make a change. I found Sara's website through A fat loss challenge and I am so glad I did!! Just a few months after following IF and Sara's workouts I am seeing a HUGE change. I not only am I shrinking but my energy is up and I feel great. IF fasting allows me to eat and not be starving or raiding through my kids snack cabinet. Jump rope is by far my favorite exercise and HIIT allows me to workout before work. I don't have to spend hours in a gym like I have in the past. Thanks Sara!!"
~Colleen Golicki
"After attempts by myself with mad cardio and cutting calories, I started intermittent fasting in September this year with the help of Sara's e-books and amazing support group. I'm doing 18/6. Believe it or not, I haven't lost weight, I'm still 62kg but I lost fat and recomposed my body with muscles by eating foods I enjoy!! Trust the process and trust yourself!! Sara's system is the most realistic approch I've ever done!"
~Laura Yazid
"I’m a big fan of Dr. Sara Solomon's methods of fat loss!! Plus you can sneak in some candy with her process too. It helps maintain my sanity.
~Tiffany Stanley, Maxim Model
"I first discovered Dr. Sara searching the internet for intermittent fasting about a year ago. I immediately read everything of hers I could and studied up, but for some reason it took me close to a year to get out of my own way and put her information to work. Sara's straight forward approach and sense of humor are awesome! So about 3 months ago after a summer of packing on the pounds due to depression and an injury I got out of my own way, started using my brain, and stopped eating all the damn time! I am so happy with my progress pictures and I honestly didn't know how far I came until I took them. And truth be told my before picture is pre summer weight gain. I couldn't bring myself to take another one 3 months ago. I can't wait to see what the next 3 months have in store. Oh! I also am a mother of 4 children and work 30 hours a week. Doing Sara's FREE workouts has been a lifesaver! EVERY DAY I am able to get one in and they are fun and effective!"
~Maureen Diamond
"Hi Sara, my name is Monica. I have been an active person since childhood,but as I matured and reached adulthood it became considerably harder to maintain my lean, muscular stature. I tried running, yoga, the gym, dance classes, and even buying figure girl programs...none of it helped me to get the results I was looking for. After tirelessly trying to fight my flabby abdominal issues, I decided to check the Bodybuilding.com website. In search of a relatable story from a woman's perspective, I saw a picture of Sara that prompted me to read her story. I liked the way her abs looked. She was fit,but still ladylike in her appearance so I read some more. I found out she was not only into fitness, but also a dentist...I was captured by her ability to see her clients and maintain her physique. At that point I told myself, I have to find a way to follow her protocol! I knew I was studying for my doctorate, running a mobile hair business, and no longer desired to eat microwaved leftovers, so I read, and read, and read some more. I signed up for every free offer regarding tutorials about her workouts, meals, equipment, and philosophy. I listened to the podcast everyday before work, and read her e-book during any small break between clients. I even bought a binder to keep my files in order. I made a decision in March 2013, and ever since that day I haven't gone to the gym except once, waiting for car repairs...I'll never go back; there's no need to. I'm building a stellar home gym, eating smarter meals using flexible dieting, drinking ample water, tea,and BSN aminoX Grape BCAAs, getting to bed at a decent hour, and working out at the beginning of my day (20-30 minutes) with HIIT. It's been the best 8 months of my fitness life! I'm so excited to see what else is in store.Thanks Sara and IF."
~Monica V-Wilson
"I first found out about Dr Sara Solomon and IF back in April 2014, but at this time I was training for my first bikini and fitness competition and was on a ridiculously strict diet - so I kept going with my 6-8 meals a day, every 2-3hrs for weeks on end. I was miserable, eating the same meal of white meat and veg 4/5 times a day and only my 'cheat meal' (I use this term lightly) on a Saturday night to look forward to, all the fun had been taken out of my life - no social activities (couldn't eat/drink or was in the gym training) 45mins of steady state cardio 5 mornings a week and lifting heavy 5/6 times a week - I was an emotional mess and my usual enthusiasm for working out was very quickly diminishing. 
But I competed, I didn't place but it was a wonderful experience that I am glad I saw through to the end - my only regret is that I didn't look after my health more. I developed a binge eating disorder from being so restrictive on my diet, I put on 8kg in about 3 weeks post comp, and I clearly had a very unhealthy relationship with food - the guilt I felt for eating anything that was not 'clean' almost caused me to become bulimic....and this is where the magic happened - I opened up my kindle, and started to re-read Sara's first E-book - I drank in all of the information, calculated my macros and started off with a 16/8 protocol the very next day.
I kept up with 16/8 for a few weeks but wasn't seeing as quick the results as I would have liked - I wanted to be more shredded (patience is not my virtue!) - but I also knew my metabolism was pretty messed up at this point due to my comp prep. So I thought I would give ADF a try - eating 20% of my cals on a 'down day'....this has been my turning point! Literally within two weeks my body composition was changing, I was looking tighter, my clothes fit better and although the scales did not change, I knew I was losing fat and keeping my muscle - my ideal combination! I have been following this protocol for the last few weeks now and it works so well for me. The biggest thing for me is that my love for the gym has come back - I get to go in the weights room and lift heavy and feel fantastic - which is what I started out wanting to do from the beginning - and Sara's system allows me to do that, and also give me the freedom to eat out with my friends, indulge when I need to and reduce the guilty feelings of what are considered 'bad' foods.  
Happy Happy Happy girl now - thank you IF and Sara
~Janine Olding
"Sara, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I found you and started doing IF and IIFYM back in January. I never feel like I am depriving myself anymore and feel I can do this for the rest of my life! Before finding you and your program I felt lousy everyday and had no energy. I used to do an hour of cardio a day and now I have only been doing the 20 minutes of HIIT every day for last 3-4 weeks and haven't gained weight and am getting stronger and leaner!! Now I feel great and have tons of energy. I have lost 8 lbs and several inches and know finally what my maintenance calories are. Before I would lose the weight just to gain it all back! I am no longer on that roller coaster and have you to thank! I love the recipes and workouts you provide for free! What more could anymore ask for! You are a godsend! Keep doing what you do! Here is my progress pic so far! Thank you!"
~Katie Nickel

"At the age of 21 years old, I already feel like I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for forever. Majority of “diets” I’ve practiced (ex– low carb diet 5 to 6 “clean” meals a day & HCG diet etc.), all worked but have never been maintainable. Sara’s system is exactly what I’ve been searching for! I never thought I would mentally have a great relationship with food! I’m also beyond amazed on how happy I am with my physical results too! I always train fasted with my BSN Amino X, which helps prevent muscle catabolism and helps support muscle recovery. Within a month, I can see visible muscle growth and my workouts have been amazing! Sometimes, I almost think this is all too good to be true! I have finally found something that has given me almost effortless results.”
~Cassandra Breneisen

"Just left my follow up visit from my last physical. I'm down 30 pounds in just over 5 months, blood pressure from 165/90 to 120/69 without meds. Needless to say, I spent more time telling and showing y doctor Sara's website and plan then she did checking me over. She still took my money though, go figure! Ha!"
~Jim Anderson

“One year ago I made the best decision for my health. To try something I had never heard of in the 15 years I’ve been reading everything health and fitness related: intermittent fasting and flexible dieting. In all my years prior, I had spent an unhealthy amount of time working out and putting my body and my emotions through quite the wringer, and the nine months leading up to my decision to try intermittent fasting was when I was the most unhappy with my fitness goals, hating my body for not responding to how it “should be.” I started following Sara’s system in April of last year, and in my very first week I saw a four- pound drop! What??! I started eating more and working out less...Far less! Following Sara’s system was so easy and it taught me how to work with my body. I’ve sculpted abs and beautiful, toned shoulders and other problem areas. I’ve leaned out and maintained my results for one year! I never thought this could be my story. I’m never going back and always moving forward. I’m no longer disappointed in myself as I now know I didn’t fail with the previous notion of eating six small meals all day and performing long, hard workouts. Rather, this approach failed me. I know I’m not the only one who’s found happier times these days with their fitness goals. Many are reaching what they never thought could be reached for themselves. And maintaining results! Why not you?” 
~Brandi Bartmess

"Wow!! My good Armani pants fit! So glad I didn't throw them out!"
~Helen Solomon

“I had gained some weight due to stress and was ready to get it off!! I went back to doing five meals a day like I always did. Then I started my IF journey in November of 2013 — I’d found Sara and her website a while back but really didn’t take the plunge til then. I am so glad that I did!! I lost 24.8 pounds and I couldn’t be happier with how I look and feel!!! Sara’s system was a godsend for me!! I thank her with all my heart!!!”
** 9 mos later:
"Well......what a joyous ride this has been! I have never felt so amazing! It's been 9 months since I started IF with Sara's system. It's so effortless! My weight has stayed off and I have never been happier!! Thank you so much Dr Sara Solomon for creating this system!"
~Tammy Walsh

"Sara, Just wanted to update you on my fasted success. Since that day we spoke in Toronto, I have been going strong. I started on May 31st, and it's currently June 27th. I'm down about 3% bodyfat and I lost 14 pounds! I eat all my macros between 5 and 9pm. Thanks for teh chat. You made things so much easier for me".
~Dan Thiry

"I am loving IF. It works with how I crave to eat. Love the fasted training and I have lost weight in a few weeks that usually takes me months. Thanks for your research efforts and sharing it with all of us".
~Jeannette Elflein Zadra

"I just wanted to share my one month transformation because I'm completely blown away at the results. I have lose 10 pounds! I have 3 kids and my weight has always gone up and down. I was scale obsessed to the point if I stepped on the scale in the morning and didn't get the number I wanted, it would literally flip my mood for the enitre day. I've always taken weight lifting classes at the gym, and my legs and arms would look great, but it never touched my stomach. Nothing I ever did seemed to make my stomach flatter or toned. My goal for the summer is for the first time in my life to be able to rock a bikini! I want abs or at least to be able to run after my kids on the beach and not feel jiggle everywhere. I just have to say THANK YOU, SARA!!! for changing my life, my relationship with food, exercise, and my attitude. I have never been able to stick to something so well. This program is life changing and this fitness group is fantastic"
~Elizabeth Schweitzer

"Sara Solomon, you are one amazing woman!! Thank you for your system and all the hard work you put into helping others accomplish what they never thought they could! So excited for everything!!"
~Stacy Langseth

"Hi Sara! I'm not sure if you remember me but I sure remember seeing you around McGill dental faculty.  I was in class of 2003. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I'm a big fan of yours and I admire enormously what you are doing with this fitness business (and also being a dentist at the same time!). I knew that you started your online fitness many years ago but I only started following you 1 month ago.  I've always been very active in sports and at the gym myself but never tried to lean out because never had the determination to diet properly etc.  But this year, I decided to change my body just because I wanted to look for a challenge. I gave birth to 2 boys in 2011 and 2013 and I'm done, so now it's time change my body. Earlier this year I started the conventional 6 small meals a day diet and eating clean.  I successfully lost 5 pounds and saw some results in the mirror but then I plateaued and still wasn't satisfied. Then I started following you and bought your e-book and tutorials.The scale started moving again in a matter of 2 weeks! And I saw more definition in my body. So up to this day I lost a total of 7.5 lbs. I'm doing mostly the 16/8 protocol and doing ADF 1 to 2X a week. It's an amazing tool and I love that you offer great tips and advice with social media. So thank you and keep up with the great job!"
~Dr. Thu Nguyen

"I started Sara's program 3 weeks ago at 21% body fat and am down 10 lbs since! This has been so awesome for my schedule and it is so great to see changes so quickly! Can't wait to read and work harder, even though the work is really not that hard :)"
~Jamie Bryant

"Trust this, she speaks the truth. I'm only 2 weeks in, and can't believe the results! It really is effortless, just as she says. Adjustment is quick and results are fast as lightning. Plus, I don't spend HOURS working out. Thank you Sara for sharing your secret!"
~Deb Arreola

"Well Sara, despite what everyone else says, I began doing your IF program, and I feel so much healthier and have more energy. In addition, damn it, you're gorgeous and funny, so if there's someone to follow, it someone who shows me they have results and you are a great role model! Everyone I've shared your website with has tried it and they agree, they just feel a lot healthier and their digestion is healthier as well. Keep up the great work. I appreciate everything you provide us with! So many tools, and for FREE!"
~Misty Sanchez

“I am truly amazed at how far I have come in the last year. My journey started out with me wanting to lose about 20 pounds (that is a lot for my small five-foot frame). My starting weight was 136 pounds. I started with alternate-day fasting on April 1, 2013, and only counted calories. I knew nothing about macros at this point. By the end of summer I had hit my goal weight of 116 pounds and was maintaining my loss with no problems while continuing on with alternate-day fasting. However, I was not yet 100% satisfied. My weight loss/maintenance goal then turned into a goal of ridding my diet of most of the processed stuff I was eating. I stumbled upon Sara's website, bought her e-book, and learned about macros, doing less cardio, and the importance of when and what to eat — and the rest is history! In just six short weeks of hitting my macros to a T, eating Sara’s recipes, and doing her HIIT workouts, I saw a HUGE difference in my appearance. I was leaner, saw more muscle definition, and even lost that last little bit of stubborn fat that I could not lose by doing my 60 minutes of cardio. In total I lost 24 pounds. Honestly, I would not be where I am today without Sara’s easy system. I also want to add that I am human, and do slip up every now and then, but I just get right back into my routine and in a few days I am back to my normal lean self. That is why I think this system is so effortless and easy. It works fast when you follow everything that Sara has laid out for us. It has been a year, but I am still learning new things to make this system even easier!”
~Sara Young


"In 2012 my son was born, 10 lb. 4 oz., via Caesarian birth. The moment I started Dr. Sara Solomon’s intermittent fasting protocol, it changed my life for the better. I've lost a tremendous amount of weight and enjoy eating a lot of her clean, yummy dinner and dessert recipes. I feel and look healthier. I feel stronger and more alive!

Thank you, Dr. Sara Solomon, for helping me change my life for the better."
~Ashleigh Shapcott
** Update: Ashleigh lost another 5 pounds in the 6 weeks leading up to her wedding. She looks stunning in her wedding gown! And she's maintaining her results with ease!

“The before picture was taken in 2012, which shows what I looked like right when I first started following Sara online. I was close to 160 pounds. I decided to buy her very first e-book, Fat Loss Fast 1, and I am so glad I did. I have all her books now and still follow her online. Her support group has made all the difference in the world to me. The picture on the right is me now at 134 pounds with abs! I fit into a size 4/6. I still haven't reached my total goal of losing 100 pounds, but I'm inching closer every day!!! I have two teenagers and have had two C-sections. I plan on stepping on stage to compete before I turn 40 in September. I feel younger and more alive than ever. Food no longer has its power over me!!!! Intermittent fasting for life! I will NEVER go back. Thank you, Sara, for giving me back my freedom.” 
~Yamillie Rivera

“Thank you, Dr. Sara! I used your intermittent fasting diet, as well as many of your recipes for the 2014 Bodybuilding.com transformation challenge. At 44 years of age, I was able to lose 42 pounds and 12% body fat in 12 weeks. I didn’t starve myself or do hours of cardio a day. I know I’ll be able to maintain my results since I didn’t do anything insane to get them.”
~John Spinazzola

"I'm a huge fan and follower. I have been implementing your cardio workouts and flexible dieting as well as your Quest desserts! I was really afraid of IF until I tried it a 2 weeks ago. I'm down 6 lbs so far but feel amazing! I'm no longer a slave to food prep, small meals, food envy induced rage fits, and that feeling of being deprived. Very surprisingly..I am getting PRs in the gym and still able to lift HEAVY (as you can see that's 315 for a triple). I actually had to add more calories and only do cardio twice a week now because I have to save some weight for the bodybuilding.com employee transformation challenge! I don't know what IF magic this is but I love it! Whole, nutrient dense, huge variety of foods! Thank you so much. Can't wait til January to start the transformation with this easy peazy FAT loss (fat not muscle) protocol!"
~Shyane Preslar

"I started intermittent fasting at the beginning of December. I am a bodybuilder and a runner. These two training styles don't typically go hand in hand. In addition to that, I wanted to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time, another difficult combination. Since starting Sara's IF system, I have lost 15 pounds and am currently down to 8.2% from 15% body fat. Although I eat healthy food 90% of the week, I LOVE food! Certain meals like pizza, steak and cheese sandwiches, beer, etc ... I won't live without. Did I mention I eat these things and have a six-pack?! IF allows me to eat what I want and amazingly, I'm still building muscle while becoming leaner on a daily basis. Intermittent fasting = badass. So if you want to achieve a certain fitness goal? MAKE IT HAPPEN! Get off your ass, contact a professional (Who do you call?! Sara Solomon!) who you know has had success with achieving what you have dreamed of achieving and ask them for advice/help. If they have been in your shoes, they know what you're going through, what your struggles are and will be and, most importantly, how to get you from point A to Z. BUT, you must dedicate and trust yourself to the process. It's not easy and there is no quick fix. What you truly NEED is an ongoing, sustainable lifestyle routine. Get to work and know that #TeamSS is there to help you along the way!”
~Chad Seltzer

"Sara, I am in awe with the success that I've achieved with IF! Started 39 days ago at 218 lbs and I am currently 191 lbs. Only 11 lbs remaining to reach my goal. Thank you again for all of the support and encouragement!"
~Michael Harrington

"I haven't been in my "skinny jeans" for years! I'm 41 and have been frustrated with not only my weight, but also with my definition. I have been working out consistently (5-6 days a week) for the past 4 years. While I've lost weight, I don't feel that I'm as toned as I should be for the amount of time and effort I've put in. People were telling me that it was my age, I should just accept it. I was getting depressed and frustrated. I'm not sure how I came across your website, but it was so refreshing. I started by reading your articles and could really relate to being hungry all of the time and overeating at night. So, right before Thanksgiving, I took the final jump, dumped my hour long weight lifting program, and started your workouts and eating your recipes while doing the 20/4 IF eating schedule. Amazingly, I have lost 8 pounds and 2% body fat. I LOVE IT! I have MORE ENERGY than before and I'M FULL at night. So no overeating! Thank you so much for your content, workouts and overall support!"
~Jeni Smith

"Roughly four months ago, I was having one of those stubborn nights where no matter how hard I tried to fall asleep, I just could not. I decided to check out the Bodybuilding.com articles, and noticed a 360 article featuring Dr. Sara Solomon. I read through the full article which covered her nutrition and training styles, and watched videos of her speak with such passion and knowledge about something called 'intermittent fasting'. It was a completely undiscovered topic to me, but Sara's video convinced me to spend the rest of the night doing my own research on IF. I didn't realize it then, but this was truly a life changing moment for me. I used to think that I had to spend 1.5-2 hours in the gym, doing weight machines and following up with at least 30 minutes on a cardio machine. I followed this frustrating lifestyle for well over a year without seeing ANY results. My weight never even budged more than 2 lbs, and it was always staying around 122-124 lbs (and no physical changes either). I quit going to the gym, began implementing fasted HIIT training just at home, and practicing IF using an 18/6 protocol. It did not take long for the changes to become visible, and I slowly progressed through a 16/8 protocol, to a 20/4 (which I have been following for approximately two months now). Not only have I lost 14-15lbs and around 17-18 inches from various parts of my body, but I have gained SO much muscle and even more self confidence. Seriously, I can't stop taking muscle selfies now - I am addicted! I feel like superwoman every day that I wake up now. The best part about it is that I have women AND men asking me what my weight loss and workout "secrets" are. I wish I could keep Sara and her fasting system as my own little secret for being so in shape, but I just love telling people all about it - because I know it sounded CRAZY to me at first, and look at me now. I could never imagine going back to my old lifestyle; I am happier, healthier, SANER, and have never had so much extra free time in all my life."
~Jessica Wall

"Sara Solomon you are a remarkable woman! While many in your business capitalize on their knowledge, you willingly offer to others, expecting nothing in return. My body is changing almost daily before my eyes because of your "Fat Loss Fast" system. After 2 children via c-section, I gained excessive weight, and I was sure I was destined to live a life overweight and unhappy with the way I look. A few years ago, I dieted and exercised excessively. I worked out so much that I lived in constant fear because I knew there was no way I could keep it up long term (and therefore not able to maintain my weight loss). In 2007 I was 196lbs dropping to a skinny fat 143 lbs. Although I looked fine dressed, I had poor tone and was never truly happy with the results. I was right - it was not maintainable. I gained weight and fluctuated between 160-175 lbs. Fast forward to Jan 6/14 when I found Sara. I decided to give her system a shot. I told others about IF showing them pictures of you and spoke of how easily you maintained your gorgeous physique. I would quickly follow that up by stating "but I don't aspire to look like that". Not because I don't admire the way you look and not because I don't wish that for myself. It wasn't until recently that I realized it was because early on I didn't truly believe it was possible. Even though I was jumping on the #TeamSS "IF bandwagon" I assumed I was on the path to failure just like every other attempt I made to improve my diet and health. I assumed that it was impossible for me to ever see definition in my own abs. When I started, my only goal was to get to 150 lbs. Well I reached that goal and decided I wanted more. Set a goal of 145, then 140. Today I dipped just below my goal of 135 lbs. that's right, down 40 lbs + lean muscle since January. My new goal is not a number on the scale, it's body fat %/composition. Never in a million years would I have believed I could set and achieve goals to look like this. I still have plenty of work to do to get myself to where I want to be but I know I can do it - without the fear of failure. I am so thankful to have found you Sara and your fool proof system."
~Paula Coleman

"Started Sara’s Intermittent Fasting and Home Workouts on Monday … I have already lost 2 pounds and broken a plateau that I have been struggling with. So glad I found Dr. Sara Solomon."
~Donna Kuchera Martinez
"When you really want something, anything can happen. Two weeks of Intermittent Fasting and hitting my macro targets has helped me to lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks and without restricting myself of my favourite foods to eat. Plus I get to eat a lot! Not to mention the amazing and tasty desserts that fit perfectly in my macros! And who would have thought that dessert and weight loss would go together?! Sara Solomon find the right way. Thank you so much for everything and I cannot wait to see my transformations week after week.”
~Dominique Grenier
"Sara’s program drew me in with core values that I deeply respect: common sense, critical thinking, and sound nutrition. These, along with Sara’s forward-thinking approach, the latest research, and her open mind to new ideas, convinced me I was on to something. Three months later, I’m smiling and even more motivated. Intermittent fasting and short, high-intensity workouts are changing my whole body. Sara’s fun personality and amazing physique inspire me every day. Can’t wait for the rest of the journey."
~Libby Aldcroft Luk

"I started at 179 lbs and now I'm at 145 lbs after 10 months of IF!" I have always exercised since doing IF (ie. running, mostly power walking and a few core exercises), but recently started Sara's HIIT exercises 2 months ago. I've noticed a huge difference on my stomach, arms and bottom from her workouts! My bum was how shall I put it...getting a little flat as I lost the weight but it's now plumping itself back out with firmness! (Thank god lol)”.
~Ursula Geeson
"So not only did I get through valentines day but I made it a week after my show and now have a better looking bicep and more defined abs!!! I can not tell you how much I love and adore you and all you have done for this industry. Putting all else aside just you as a person is one in a million!!! I can feel your heart through every post you make. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing "you" with the world!! My life is so different since you. I am happy and I like food again.. It isn't my enemy anymore haha!! IFing is amazing!!!I can't wait to see what another week does  aaahhhhh this momma is gonna be rockin sooner than later."
~ Melissa
"I have lost 77lbs and want to drop another 25 lbs. IF has been such a huge lifestyle changer for me."
~Deb Broad

"Sara, you are amazing and I follow your protocols for alternate-day fasting. My workouts are amazing and I am leaner than I have ever been at 40 years of age! Thank you so much!"
~Lisa Marie

"Sara, just wanted to let you know that I followed your advice and just completed day 4 of our new lifestyle. My husband has joined me and we have each dropped 3 kgs and are feeling more energized than before. Thanks again. And I will keep you updated as our journey continues."
~Katy Stock

 “I stumbled upon Dr. Sara Solomon by chance in a state of extreme desperation. I had been overweight my whole life, and after the birth of my third child and weighing in at 260 lb., I decided enough was enough and I was finally going to get the weight off. I embarked on my weight loss journey clueless, uneducated, and alone, eating salads and doing excessive amounts of cardio. Of course this approached worked but I was never going to be able to maintain the lifestyle of a cardio bunny munching on carrots and lettuce. After a while, the yo-yo game with the bathroom scale began and I tried every “diet” known to man, losing 10 pounds here and gaining it back there. Even when I lost weight I did not rejoice because I knew that the lifestyle I led to lose that weight was not something I could do forever and the weight would be back. I hit a six-month plateau and decided to give this “fad diet,” intermittent fasting, a try — a “fad diet” I had turned my nose up at and judged for quite some time. During my first two weeks with IF, I lost 6 pounds, utterly effortlessly and I ENJOYED IT. I also never felt hungry, deprived, frustrated, etc.…I learned that IF was not a fad diet and may actually be the only realistic, maintainable, healthy solution to weight loss I have ever encountered. I have lost 120 pounds in two years. Sara helped make what felt like the impossible, POSSIBLE!”
~Ashleigh Pocock

"Day 63 of fasting. My abs are getting tighter, and I've clearly lost more body fat than last time I checked. All thanks to my hero, Sara Solomon! Sara, thanks for all you do!! I'm truly BLESSED to have found you. I'm enjoying my food and I've learned to balance everything thanks to you! I enjoyed a meal out with friends Saturday and managed to somehow to fit it in my macros. Always keeping in mind slow and steady wins the race".
~Disola Malaj Horst

"On January 21, 2013, I decided enough was enough. I had quit moking over a year before and gained A LOT of weight (145 to 167 lbs) and despite teaching Zumba and taking other classes at the gym,  I COULD NOT get the weight off. So I decided to start "eating clean" and taking advantage of my free gym membership. By November 1, 2013, eating "clean" had helped, but my weight would still bounce around because the moment I'd take time off from eating my usual clean foods, I'd gain weight. I like ice cream a lot, like to have a couple drinks every so often, don't usually say no when my mom invites me over for dinner ... So this fluctuation would happen ALL the time. And November 1t is when I decided, after following Sara Solomon for a while, and reading every post on her website, to give IF a try. By April 9, 2014, my overall weight loss is 25 pounds (21 from November until now). Thank you Sara for all the time you put into writing stuff, filming stuff, answering questions, etc. I love you. You're the best!"
~Rakel Hjaltadottir

"Dear Sara, Thank you for helping me find my muscles! I had lost them and I knew they had to be some place uner there. Couldn't have gotten to this point without your fasting and HiiT program. You're the best! Since I started your program, I have lost the most difficult weight; which is the last 20 pounds. My whole body structure has changed. This program is really working for me. I still have more to go and I feel confident that I will be posting more results soon. I am also addicted to jumping rope; it's soooo fun, can't stop!"
~Emmie Busse-Pehush

“Thank you for introducing me to intermittent fasting. I’m a dairy/chicken farmer and get up just after 2 a.m. every day to work in the barn. For years I basically ate the same thing every day at the same time. However, about three months ago, I changed my routine to this:
2:15 a.m. BCAAs and pre-workout (instead of coffee and eggs)
2:40 a.m. HIIT workout
3 a.m. start work at the farm
 Then only water at work until I break my fast at 10 a.m. when I come in at my new breakfast time. I eat throughout the day, and have a big supper with my family before I stop eating at 6 p.m. I started at 180 pounds. My current weight is 153 pounds. Thank you so much for all your continued hard work and for your dedication to helping others!!”
~Steve Adams

"Dr Sara! I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to fasted training. Like most people I was always told to have something in my stomach during training and to slam a protein shake or other concoction as soon as I finished training. For me, this often left me feeling ill during and for a few hours after my workouts. Last year I ran a few half marathons and followed the same old regimen during my morning training sessions and I would often have to slow at 2 miles to keep my "breakfast" down. I would usually make it through but didn't feel super hot, when I was done with my run I would begrudgingly drink my shake for recovery. In this whole time I rarely broke an 11 minute mile pace, even on my short run days. I felt like that was just how I was built, distance but forget about speed. Fast forward, I have been doing IF since October and kind of put a hiatus on running. I love your HIIT workouts and, combined with jump rope, have had more fun working out then ever! I will occasionally do sprints on my tabata days but distance has been taking a backseat to everything else. I am one of those crazy people who actually like running so this morning I decided to jump on the treadmill (fasted, of course!) and see my 3 mile baseline, my previous average 3 mile time usually came in at about 31-33 minutes. Well, I can say that fasted training has not impeded my times at all, in fact, I set a PR of...24:46! I couldn't believe it. In fact, I'm still kind of in shock! The best part of it is that I don't feel sick at all.  I am so thankful that you had the guts to stand up to the fitness industry and tell them where they can put their theories. I feel and look healthier! My skin is so much better, my hair is thicker and I feel great! Thanks Dr. Solomon! Oh, and as a PS, I made your chocolate fudge and your apple pie ice cream yesterday. They were both freaking delicious!!! My hubby and I were in heaven! 
~Kim Hoffman

"WOW!!! Ok ... I have been following YOUR intermittent fasting system for 2 months now ... I have to tell you ... I was so worried about how it would affect my workouts and my boxing classes ... worried about how I would get through a class "fasted" .. cuz it's a hard class and I do HiiT after.  WELL ... let me tell you ... my workouts have never been better, stronger and my energy has skyrocketed!! Took all the stupid myths about eating and threw them OUT the window... I get better results fasted, I'm not fighting with cravings ... and I am slowly shrinking too ... how can you ask for anything more?? THANK YOU so much for teaching me a better way to eat - I feel so much better .... and am slowly getting smaller! Yayyy! THANKS Sara!"
~Dina McDermott

"Confession: I'm secretly in love with Dr. Sara Solomon. She's the one who opened my eyes to intermittent fasting at the 2013 Olympia while working behind the bodybuilding.com booth.  At first, I was obviously skeptical: I had been trained to eat 6 small meals a day. According to what I knew, it made sense. After talking with Sara that weekend and doing some research, I am now a complete believer in IF. Granted, this has only been my second consecutive day, but I would say a pound lost in 2 days is pretty great. I am not an advocate for losing weight at any cost, whatsoever. I believe in doing this in accordance with your body's functions. This isn't a fad or even a diet. It's a lifestyle that anyone can afford to adapt. Coming from a full time college student with 2 jobs, it works perfectly for me. 20 hours fasted, 4 hours of eating. Read Sara's e-Book for the reearch specifics, but honestly, I have found my way to health and can see myself doing contest prep AND regular maintenance with intermittent fasting!"
~Brooke Dragon