• WHAT: 3-in-1 Recovery Stack
  • WHY: Helps support strength, muscle-building and recovery efforts.
  • HOW: 1 scoop (mixed with ~8oz of water) after training (Post Workout Recovery)
  • FLAVOURS: Cranberry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Green Apple, Strawberry Orange, Island Cooler
  • MAIN INGREDIENTS: per serving: 5g creatine, 5g glutamine, 4 g BCAAs
  • OTHER: Stimulant-free and sugar-free (sweetened with Sucralose).
  • CALORIES: 5 calories per serving, <1g carb per serving
  • SARA’s APPROACH: drink post workout (during fed state)
  • SARA’s FAVOURITES: Cranberry Limeade and Fruit Punch

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When & Why R3BUILD EDGE?

I like to drink R3BUILD EDGE when I break my fast (post-workout). It has BCAAs, glutamine and creatine which support my strength, muscle-building and recovery efforts.

Ladies, creatine will not cause you to bulk up, but it might help you have better workouts overall. Nor will it cause you to bloat as long as you consistently follow a low-dose protocol (3-5g/day). And no, you don't need to load creatine in order for it to work. Creatine is NOT an anabolic steroid, and hundreds of studies have never shown it poses any type of health risk. In fact, your own body produces creatine, and the meat and fish that you consume contain creatine. How does creatine work? Supplementing with creatine allows for more creatine phosphate to be available to replenish ATP stores. If your body can replenish energy more easily, it allows you to train at higher intensities and volumes without fatiguing as quickly. There is no need to cycle off creatine, you can take it daily.1

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Click here to enter my latest giveaway, courtesy of my sponsors, BSN and Bodybuilding.com.