Move Better Private Assessment


With Whom:

Certified StrongFit Coaches, Dr. Sara Solomon & Gys Weverink

For Whom:

If you have specific injuries or issues that are preventing you from training with confidence and would like a personalized assessment and follow-up plan designed to help you address the issue at hand, this is for you.

During the assessment, we will go into depth to help you understand how to address the issue at hand and how to feel what you should feel to help address this issue.

The price includes a follow-up e-communication to help you stay on track and understand the nuances of your personalized plan.


July 24

Time: 9-11 AM

Time: 12-2 PM 

Time: 3-5 PM SOLD OUT

July 25

Time: 9-11 AM

Time: 12-2 PM

Time: 3-5 PM

July 26

Time: 9-11 AM SOLD OUT

Time: 12-2 PM SOLD OUT

Time: 3-5 PM SOLD OUT

email to book your assessment.

Where: TBD (downtown Toronto)


$300 USD for Strength Academy Members (coupon code will be provided to members), $350 USD for non-members


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Please email to book and pay for your assessment time slot.


Travel Plans:

YYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport: for International flights. This airport is about a 30-40 minute commute to downtown Toronto. You can take the UP train to and from the airport (it’s in terminal 1).

YTZ Billy Bishop Airport: recommended if you are flying from Ontario, Quebec, The Maritimes, Boston, Chicago, New York: This airport is located in downtown Toronto.

Subway and VIA train: to Union Station

Pack sunscreen and wear fitness attire/shoes to the masterclass (you will be working out!).

Bring your smartphones and chargers in case you want to take videos/photos. Bring water and pack snacks in case you get hungry.

Bring a notebook and a pen for taking notes.

Optional: pack your pec stick

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