• WHAT: 10g BCAAs per serving (Branched Chain Amino Acids) PLUS 125mg Caffeine
  • WHY: muscular endurance & recovery support PLUS energy & focus
  • HOW:¬†1 scoop (mixed with ~8oz of water) before, during or after training
  • FLAVOURS: Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Strawberry Orange,
  • MAIN INGREDIENTS: 10g amino acids, 125mg caffeine anhydrous, 100mg Euphoria Longana, 100mg Lindera Aggregata
  • OTHER: sugar-free (sweetened with Sucralose).¬†Excellent source of vitamin D
  • CALORIES: 5 calories per serving, <1g carb per serving
  • SARA’s APPROACH: drink¬†~15 minutes before morning/early afternoon fasted training sessions
  • SARA’s FAVOURITE: Fruit Punch

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**Always consult with your physician before taking any supplements.

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When Do I Drink AMINOx EDGE?

I drink 1 serving (10 grams) of AMINOx EDGE 5 to 15 minutes before my fasted training session to sidestep the increased protein breakdown that happens when training completely fasted. AMINOx EDGE is both my pre-workout and my BCAAs in one product. I prefer not to take the caffeinated version after 3pm, to ensure I will have no issues falling asleep at night. Instead, I would take regular AMINOx.

Will it Break my Fast?

I use BCAAs when I train fasted (I'm an intermittent faster) because I'm lean and my workouts are very demanding and I want to minimize muscle protein breakdown. I want to make it clear that consuming BCAAs means I am not training completely fasted, which I want to avoid doing because training completely fasted would be detrimental (it's catabolic). I want to build muscle and get stronger ... but I want to achieve this without totally sabotaging my intermittent fasting regimen... hence BCAAs.

Pre-workout ingestion of BCAAs in the fasted state ensure that:

  • Muscle protein synthesis is stimulated and protein breakdown is inhibited.1¬†BCAAs contain leucine, which is a key player in protein synthesis.1
  • Maximal benefits for muscle protein synthesis are achieved with minimal caloric load.1¬†You would have to eat more than 500 calories to get an equivalent amount of BCAAs into your circulation.1
  • According to a 2004 study in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism; BCAAs may enhance protein synthesis in skeletal muscle during recovery from resistance exercise training by¬†increasing the¬†phosphorylation of¬†p70S6k¬† when ingested in a fasted state prior to commencing the workout.2

Don't worry, you will still benefit from fasting even if you have the BCAAs (just don't have any carbs during your fast). Fasting increases your insulin sensitivity, so your insulin levels will quickly return to their fasted state levels despite having the insulinogenic BCAAs. So you won't ruin your fast by having the BCAAs, and the good news is that you will be able to get results from your fasted muscle-building/strength training sessions.

Many of you have been asking about my fasting regime. For more information: Click here for my Fat Loss Fast System.

  2. Karlsson, Hakan et al. Branched-chain amino acids increase p70S6k phosphorylation in human skeletal muscle after resistance exercise. American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism. July 1, 2004 vol. 287 no. 1 E1-E7.

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