Leg Day Workout

Leg Day Workout

I filmed my LEG DAY GLOBO gym workout for you to try. It follows the StrongFit phylogenetic hierarchy, to ensure the nervous system is balanced. By respecting the way the nervous system works, this will help us increase our performance.

This session focuses on your:

  • Internal torque (IT) chain muscles: inner hamstrings, glutei max, VMO, psoas
  • External torque (ET) chain muscles: glutei med, outer quads and hams.

✅ Quick Anatomy Lesson:

✅ Video Workout Demo:

I have written exactly what I did: from the reps/sets to the breathing. Enjoy!

✅ Inner Hamstring Openers:

  • GHD hinges with a 20 kg pec stick, bilaterally and unilaterally. I did 2 sets of 8 bilaterally, 2x8 right leg, 2x8 left leg. The key is not to extend your low back (don't let it arch). I bent the stick like the letter "n" to target my pec majors.
  • If this is too advanced for you, then do it standing on the floor. If you don't have a pec stick, you can use a kettlebell (hold it upside down).
  • Breathing: inhale through your nose on the eccentric to establish how far you will move eccentrically (stop moving when you stop inhaling), then exhale through pursed lips on the concentric.

✅ Skill Work:

  • GHD pec stick presses, unilateral to target your psoas. I managed about 6 presses per side and did 2 sets per leg. Maintain a hollow body position (internal torque). I bent the stick like the letter "u" to target my teres majors.
  • Breathing: inhale through your nose as you press the stick (stop pressing when you stop inhaling), then exhale through pursed lips as you bring the stick back towards your chest.

✅ IT:

  • unilateral prone hamstring curls. 4 sets til you quit, per leg. Toe pointed, don't arch your back, squeeze the bench between your arms to activate your pecs. Then do a finisher set of an isometric holds (unilateral) until you fail and then slowly lower. Toe pointed.
  • unilateral leg press. I did 4 sets per leg until failure: 90lbs x 20, 180lbs x 15, 300lbs x 10, 300 lbs x 8. Crush the handles with your arms to activate your pecs.
  • Breathing: Right limb: inhale mouth concentric, exhale pursed lips eccentric. Left limb: inhale nose concentric, exhale pursed lips eccentric.

✅ ET:

I performed these exercises bilaterally, and you can hear my ET action breathing. I inhale through my mouth and then I say zzzzzzzaaaaaaaahhhhhh for each rep (I don't inhale between reps). The zzzzzzzz part helps me generate tension and the aaahhhhh is a grunt that helps me move the weight past my sticking point.

  • Hip abduction - 5 sets of about 5 reps: I worked my way up to the entire stack! 200 lbs
  • Let Press: go heavy! I did 5 sets and worked my way up to 600 lbs.

✅ Extinction training:

  • pigeon pose

✅ Dissociation:

  • IT stretching or go for a walk or lie down with your eyes closed for a few minutes.

✅ Learn More:

If you want to learn about breathing and torque and how it impacts the way you move, and how I apply StrongFit to my home and gym workouts, then check out my ONLINE  Strength Academy.

If you are new to StrongFit, and want to learn from me in person, then check out my Intro to StrongFit 2-Day Seminar (Sept 22/23, 2018, Toronto).





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