Home Workout # 12: Squeeze at the Top

Home Workout # 12: Squeeze at the Top

Squeeze at the Top!

This is a 20-minute total body metabolic workout with emphasis on strengthening your GLUTES and CORE.

  • Total body interval circuits increase metabolic demand because they make your body work at a higher intensity.
  • Metabolic workouts are the most effective way to boost your metabolism and burn calories (both during and AFTER your workout).
  • Metabolic training is an effective and time-efficient way to get leaner and stronger.

For today's workout, we are "squeezing at the top", to intensify effort and stimulate muscle growth. This is referred to as "peak contractions". So squeeze and hold the fully contracted position of each exercise rep for 1 to 2 seconds, or in simpler terms, pause at the end-range of the exercise and make a mental note to "squeeze" the muscle.

I Got Your Back!

Notice I said CORE, and not just ABS. Don't make the mistake of exclusively performing abdominal exercises. It's equally important to strengthen your back muscles (an often neglected area). Failure to do so may lead to muscle imbalances and back pain. A strong core will support your spine (like a corset), protecting you from back injuries and pain. This is especially important for people who sit all day long on the job with slouched posture.

Pay attention to the manner in which you lift and lower your weights/equipment to and from the floor between exercises. Incorrect lifting/lowering technique can lead to back injury.

Correct lifting/lowering technique: (I demonstrate it in today's video)

  1. Stand close to the weight with a wide stance. Make sure your back is straight
  2. Bend down with your knees (squat), keeping your back straight
  3. With a secure grip, hold the weight as close as possible to your body.
  4. Lift the weight by straightening the knees. (keep your back straight).
  5. Once in stance, avoid twisting the low back. Shift your feet instead.

Do not underestimate today's workout. Do not underestimate me either! Yes, I'm "just a dentist", but I'm a dentist who thinks critically and who also happens to have a B.Sc in Physiotherapy and a personal training certification. So I know a thing or two about injury prevention!

Today's workout may only be comprised of 5 exercises, but it gets the job done, and fast! Not only does it kick your metabolism into 4th gear, but it also strengthens your abs, shoulders, arms, chest, back, quads, hamstrings and glutes! I decided to kick off this workout with my 10-minute jump rope drills workout. Performing these 2 workouts consecutively was awesome and INTENSE! Feel free to do this too. And that folks, is my time-saving strategy for getting LEAN & STRONG.

home workout video 12

Always a Must!

Drink your BCAAs!

Stay hydrated with water.

  • I like to add BCAAs. Click here to read why.

Equipment Required:

  1. Gymboss Interval Timer
  2. A laptop, smart phone, or tablet (to play this workout video)
  3. Shock-absorbing surface, such as interlocking floor mats.
  4. Dumbbells: I used 12 and 8 pound dumbbells
  5. Kettlebell: I used a 25 pound kettlebell
  6. Sandbag: I filled mine with 40 pounds of sand
  7. Stability Ball
  8. Bench or chair

Video Workout:

Set your gymboss timer for: 50 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST. This circuit consists of 5 different exercises. Perform the circuit 4 times, which takes ~20 minutes.

  1. Sandbag Deadlift and Row. (Note: I used 40 pounds in my Sandbag)
  2. Stability Ball Push-Up and Pike
  3. Stability Ball Lower Back Extensions (Note: I used an 8 pound weight)
  4. Alternating Dumbbell Step-Ups using a bench or chair. (Note: I used 12 pound dumbbells)
  5. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swings. (Note: I used a 25 pound kettlebell).

Do the workout with me! Just click on this video. Note: Taz was sleeping in the other room (don't worry, he's ok!).

Always Stretch and Foam Roll after your workouts to prevent injury!


Welcome! If you want to learn how to MOVE and EAT BETTER, you've come to the right place! I'm Dr. Sara Solomon. I'm a certified StrongFit coach and an intermittent fasting expert. I have degrees in dentistry (DMD) and physiotherapy (BSc PT), and I'm also a Pilates Mat Level 1 Instructor, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2016-2021), ACE personal trainer, NASM fitness nutrition specialist, a Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor, and a certified level 2 Buddy Lee Jump Rope Trainer and Ambassador. I'm a BSN Supplements and Til You Collapse sponsored athlete. My passion is helping people overcome restrictive diets and muscle imbalances so they can FEEL their very best!


  1. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site! I love your workouts and very useful information.

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  4. Man what a workout this morning! 40lbs can you believe it…i cant!!

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    I’m loving your 50 day challenge workouts. Get in, get out concept. I’m going for blood work tomorrow. If everything comes back ok, then I’m ready to buy your ebooks.


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