Dr. Sara Solomon’s Eat It All


20 BEST Pumpkin Protein Desserts

2nd Edition!

Finally! You can enjoy the ENTIRE dessert without the guilt! I just gave your favourite high sugar, high calorie and nutritionally vacant desserts a MAKEOVER!

Now you can enjoy cookies, cake, fudge, pie, ice cream and MORE because my protein desserts are low in sugar, low in calories and nutrient-dense!

I have a natural inclination to overeat, even if I’m not hungry. Yes, I’m fatally attracted to food! If I make a batch of cookies, I’ll eat them all within 30 minutes. I also suffer from “eat everything in the package until it’s gone syndrome”. I know I’m not alone. I bet you do that too, eh?

FACT: our appetites exceed our caloric requirements.

FACT: the temptation to eat calorie-dense and nutrient-deficient comfort food is everywhere!

That is why I created this dessert recipe book. It’s designed for people like you and me who eat everything we bake or buy and then feel guilty for bingeing. The reality is that your appetite is too powerful and will eventually destroy your conscious effort to control your eating. But here’s the good news, if you make one of my desserts, you can eat the whole thing! No guilt, just pure pleasure! They are low calorie, low sugar, very delicious, low fat and high in protein. Oh, and did I mention the portions are BIG?!?! You are cheating the cheat!

This recipe book features over 50 pages of delicious pumpkin whey desserts. Every recipe was designed to create a MASSIVE low-calorie single serving dessert that provides satiety while satisfying your sweet tooth.

...plus more than 15 mouthwatering recipes that are sure to impress you!

EAT IT ALL, 2nd Edition



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