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I wish I had these when I was a gymnast! I would have enjoyed the uneven bars so much more!

Liquid Grip is a liquid gripping agent. It's much better than chalk because it's

  • not messy
  • stays on
  • dry grip
  • prevents blisters
  • heat & sweat activated

Great for weight lifting, gymnastics, pole dancing, rock climbing, baseball and more! One application will last for your entire training session. Don't worry, it won't get on your clothes or on your equipment. Wash it off your hands with soap and water.

Get your Grips!

Liquid Grips are available NOW at! Click HERE to get yours!

Click for more information about Liquid Grips!

Click for more information about Liquid Grips!

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Dr. Sara Solomon is a writer and spokesmodel for and BSN Supplements. She's also a practicing dentist (DMD) in Toronto, Canada, and holds a B.Sc in Physiotherapy, along with certifications in personal training (ACE), Fitness Nutrition (NASM), spinning (Mad Dog), and Jump Rope (Buddy Lee Jump Rope Institute). [read more]

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